May 26-June 2: Trond's birthday Hitchhiker's Guide party, Gladson Ave party

Trond's birthday Hitchhiker's Guide party, the White Palace, 26 May 2001

We begin with a barbecue: Kaye
Then the music gets programmed: John
Blue boys: Trond and Tony
Simeon and Schmoo. An old NCGOO banner lurks on the wall.
Belle's babelfish
Claire, Belle and Matt
Waiting to be picked up by a passing spaceship: Cody? and Angela
Vania, Tony, Cat
? and ?
Circle of dance. Clockwise from front left: ?, ?, ?, ? Chris?, Andrew?, Nigel, Storm, Claire, Leon, ?, John
Schmoo and Alan
Beast, Belle, Jenny, Matt
Vania, Tony, MaryBeth
No-I-still-can't-remember and Karen
Keenie and Trond
StormandLeon, Alex, ?Del?, Ben, Michael, Todd, Tina
More dancers: ?, Josie, Glenn, Mary Anne (obsured), Julie, ?, MaryBeth, Storm (foreground), ?, Copper, Leon, ?, Chris? (obscured)
Angie and James
The three drinkers set out on their odessey: Andrew, ?, Alex
Down to two: Alex, ?, Matthew
Getting cold outside: ? and ?
Things wind down: Dennis, Alan, MaryBeth, John

Gladson Avenue, 2 June 2001

Settlers: Russel and Michael?
Judging by the pets encountered at parties, KAOS are cat people...
Ricki and Danielle
Oliver and JL
Copper strikes a pose
Glenn and Trond
Time Warp: Danielle, Ricki, Nigel, ?, Julie, Michael?, ?
Tales of the old days: Glenn, Tess, Schmoo, Beast, Nigel, Tina, Oliver
leon, ?Chris? (obscured), Ricki, Meredith
Ben and Beast
Leon and Storm

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