Darcy's 21st drinkies, Zombie party, party at the Labyrinth, SCA Black Company armouring, SCA Sunday archery

Darcy's 21st drinkies, the Dollhouse, 7 October, 2000

Chris, ? (head), Meredith, Beast (background), Tina, Damon, Leon (foreground)
Brian, Daniel, Stefan, ?
Darcy and his cake. Background: Steffan, John, Traci?, Danny, LX, Tina, Daniel, ?, Ross, Chris, Beast (carrying cake)
A new toy!
A drunken Zane arrives: Zane, Chris, Del
Debra, Leon (foreground), Robert, Ross, Mia
Boys in Black: Ricky, Michael, Darcy, Erebus

Zombie party, Upper Ilam Rd, 13 October, 2000

Playing zombie games: Ozzy, Belle, Fluffy, Lisa, John
Seth and the Daniel Dennet shirt
?, ?, Alastair, Dan, Anthony, Tony (in doorway), Mia
And so early in the evening too...
Axe murderess: ?, Del, Charlotte, Simeon
For Cara: Simeon, John, Picasso, Andi
Cameron and Angie
Crowded kitchen: ?, Alastair (foreground), Beast, Seth?, ?, Del, Leon, Rebecca, Mia, Theuns
Mysterious figure in black
Murray?, Anthony, Pip, Colin, ? (obscured), Dillon, Caleb
Putting the flash to the test... Tria, Murray, Alastair, ?, ?, Mary Anne, Trond, Charlene, Ivan?, unidentified background figures, Danny, ?
Women invade Simeon's bed: Karen, Fluffy, Andi, the other Simeon
Gratuitous cleavage: Charlene, Alex, Mary Anne
Jess looking cool
Trond's room: Heather, Mel, Chris, Josie, Robert
Beast, Simeon, me
Rachel makes repairs
Caleb, Tony, Teri

Party at the Labyrinth, Greers Road, 20 October, 2000

Early arrivals: ?, Neil, Euan?, Glen, Belle
Michael, Mary Anne, Fluffy, Matthew, Dillon
Matthew, Michael (obscured), Mary Anne, Todd
Dancers: ?, Keenie, ?, Olly, ?, Sarah, Fluffy, ?, Debra
Morbid and Cat
Daily Illuminator
Dillon and Keenie
Nick, ?, Kirsty, Dillon, Nicholas
David?, Ashes?, Duncan, Zane, Alex, Schmoo, Robyn, Beast
Mel's room: ?,Heather, Kat, Chris
More dancers: Josie, Ben, Olly, ?, ?, Beast, ?, ?, Fluffy, ?, ?
Denis, Todd, Alex
Watching the dancers: ?, Adam, Sarah, Nick, Rob, Fran, ?, Ben, Denis
Mel's bed: Heather, Vanessa, Peter
Dillon, Mel, Zane, Ben, Fluffy, Damon?

SCA: Black Company armouring, Puriri Street, 21 October, 2000

Phoebe and Catherine, Ayeshah, Ceina, ?, Martuccio, Iarnulf
Leather corner: Lesley, Rowena, Miles, Michael
Bastian and Alexander
Rowena, Phoebe, Catherine, Emma,, Miles, Ulf (seated), Einar, Duncam, Steven, Michael
Iarnulf making arrows
Miles sews an arming cap
Duncan and Emma make waxed leather half-gauntlets

SCA: Sunday archery, Kirkwood Intermediate, 22 October, 2000

Quite a crowd today!
Collecting arrows: Iarnulf, ?, Tim, ?, ?, ?
Aliena, ?, Rowena, Miles, Trond?, Alexander, Andre, Richard, Thorkell
Iarnulf, ?, Bethany, ?, Catherine, ?, Phoebe, ?, Nigel?, Rowena, Martuccio
Training new fighters: Rowena, Martuccio, Emma, Vincent, Thorkell
Vincent and Rotte spar

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