January 3-11: Games day, Jess's farewell drinkies, Bec's farewell dinner, Bordello party

Games day, Puna Street, 3 January 2003

Valley of the Mammoths: Euan (obscured), John, James?, Penny, Jess
3D chess: Simeon, Rat
Guillotine: Rebecca, Simeon, Seth
Penny, LX, John, Euan, James?, Jess

Jess's farewell drinkies, Kahu Road, 10 January 2003

Thorkell, Theuns
Theuns and his toys
Danny, Amy, Belle, Matt
Stacey and Al
Jess and Penny
Background: Matt, Thorkell, Amy
Rebecca, Penny, Schmoo
Daniel, Mia, Rebecca
Euan, Zane, Jenny, Danny
Stacey and Schmoo
Seth (obscured), Matt
Amy, Theuns, Al
Shub-Sethop, the beast of a thousand closed eyes
And it's contagious... Schmoo, Amy, Theuns

Bec's farewell dinner, Maidstone Road, 11 January 2003

?Miriam?, Bec, Brendan, Ben

Bordello Party, 11 January 2003

Stacey lacings
Picasso and Schmoo
Gypzy and Greg
Six, Sass, Dave, ?
Fridge and ?
Trond, Hamish, Nick
Bastian (obscured), Jo, Shekinah
Bastian, Shekinah (obscured)
Rat, Jenny, Zane, Bec at her last KAOS party for quite a while, Al
Mary Anne, Brendan
Rebecca, Ben, Andrew
Tony, Ashes, ?Mark?
Mark (obscured), Ben, Mia, Andrew (obscured)
Sandra, Glenn
?Brian?, Rebecca, Heather, Paula
Danielle, Andre, Rebecca, Heather
Nicole, JMS
Andre?, Danielle, Rebecca, Heather, ? (obscured), Amy, Jonty (background), Seth, Greg, Simeon, James, Leon, Paula, Simeon, Carolyn (obscured), Nick? (obscured)
Robert, Brendan
Six, ?
Matt, Erin
Leon, Storm, Sass, ?
Bec (obscured), Danielle, Storm
Simeon, Carolyn, Mary Anne, Sarah?, Jess?, Nicole (background), ?, ?, Ben (obscured), ?, Simeon
Troy and Sarah, and rain on the lens
Background: ?, ?
Darcy, Fridge, ?, Dennis, Hamish, Adam, ?Jess? (obscured), Amy, Mike
The white top in the rain, part 1... Gypzy, Storm, ?, Sarah, ?, Ben
Applause! Amy, Dennis, Hamish, Fridge, Jess, Seth, Gypzy
Simeon, Theuns
The white top, part 2... Charlene, Leon, ?, Nicole
Thoughtful advice? Simeon, Daniel
Background: Glenn
Part three... Andre, Nicole, Danielle, ?
James, Andre, Leon
Paula, Jonty, Sarah
Kat, Seth
Background: ?Pip?, Rat, ?, ?
Part four... James
Storm?, Simeon, Carl, Matthew, Copper, ?, ?
A bad top-good top routine... James, Sass
Andre, JMS, Nicole
Background: ?, Glenn, ?, Dust
Garth, Adam?, Dennis, ?, ?
Mark, Yvonne, ? (obscured)
Brian, Fridge
Neil, Pip
Rat, Zane, Jenny, Jo, Bastian
Carl, ?
Phil, Carl, Stacey
Photo courtesy of someone with Glenn's camera
Mike, ?
Sass, Al
Recidivist! ?, Al, ?
Kat, James, ?

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