Claire's albums, part 4, January-May 1997

These pictures are scanned from an album belonging to Claire Hill, and the photos were generally taken by her.

Simeon's birthday, 25 January 1997, Watchtower

Idiot and Agent 99
? and Justine?
?, ?, ?, ?, Vivienne, ?, Menolly, Fridge
Claire and Hamish
Robyn, Traci, Claire, Kara
Duncan, Vivienne (obscured), Traci, Kara, Bagel (background), ?Robbie?
Donna, ?LX? (obscured), Karl, ?Steve? (obscured), Jon
Fridge, Hamish, Alan, Tim
Troy, Teri, Vernon
Simeon, Damon, Justine?, Leonie
Teri, Simeon

Mike's last night of freedom, 28 February 1997, Watchtower

Kara, Ian
Sonja, Helen
?, ?, Bob, ?Robert?
Helen and Adrian
Dan and Oli
Duncan, Fridge, ?Kelly?
Simeon and Mike
Dan, Gold, Joe
Joseph and ?
?, Sonja, Kara, ?, Seth
Mike, Helen (very obscured), Robert
? (obscured), ?, Duncan, Oliver, ?
Mike and Traci
Mike looking ill
Mike still looking ill

Sonja's birthday, 7 March 1997, ?

Duncan and Vivienne
Oliver and Noel
Puppy, Sonja, ? (obscured), ?Picasso?, Brian

First meeting and party, 14 March 1997, LCR and ?

Dan, Chris, Mouse
Claire, Kara, Vivienne
Vania?, Robbie
?Scott?, Gold, Julie
Mike and Kara
Jacqui, Mel, ?, Seth
Hamish, Kara, Karen, ?

Bagel's 21st, 29 March 1997, ?

Bagel, Aaron, ?
Bagel appears to undertake ceremonial CD destruction

White party, 4 April 1997, Watchtower

Kara and Sonja
Bob and Vivienne
Kara and Mike
John and Mike
Jillian, Dan, ?
JulieAnne, Nick, ?, Traci
?Vivienne?, Bob, Sonja

Return of the Jedi, 24 April 1997, ?Hoyts 8?

Vernon, Simeon, Cutter
Fridge, ?, ?Bastian? (obscured), ?
Standing: Vivienne, Bob, Joe, Tim, Picasso, Jason, ?, ? (very obscured), Cutter, Robbie?, Alex, Fridge, ?, Hadley, Daniel?, ?, Trond, Todd, Dennis
Sitting/kneeling: Ian, Menolly, JulieAnne, Vania, Darcy
Reclining: Sam

Perversion party, 3 May 1997, ?

Dave, Dan, Adrian, Todd
Daniel and Fridge
Jo, Bastian, Amie
Cutter, Chris, Gold, Sonja?
Vivienne and Bob
Vernon, Leonie, John
Starz and Gary
Kara and Mike

Mike's 21st, 23 May 1997, Watchtower

Gevan, Keith, Kara, Adrian
Cthulhu schnapps... John, Matt, Fridge, Mike, Bagel
Sonja?, ?Al?, JL?, ?
Christian, Kara, Richard (background), Idiot
Mike and Idiot

Dan's 21st, late May 1997, Ilam Road

?Chris?, ?Noel?, ?Belle? (very obscured), Fridge, Picasso, ?
Dan and Bagel
Robbie, Picasso, ?
Keith, Teri
Vania, Gevan, Josh?, Sarnia, ?Dan?, Mouse

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