February 1-6: Canterbury Fair

Canterbury Fair is New Zealand's largest annual SCA event, running for about five days over Waitangi weekend.

Friday February 1

Singing in the Mong: Steve, Alys, Lesley (obscured), Ceina, Bastian, Aidan, Rowena
General merriment: Duncan, Aliena, Iarnulfr, Beatriz?, Emrys, ? (obscured)

Saturday February 2

Breakfast in Bruceton: Iarnulf, Thorkell (foreground), Sonja, Aidan, Vincent, Emma, ?Avril? (obscured), Genevieve
Artisans at work: Gwenhevar?, Hercules, Sonya (obscured), ?, ?, Emrys, Alan, Iarnulfr, Redbeard, Angel, Phil, ?, Duncan?
Rowena and Michelet behind the counter in the Mangy Mongol
Aidan spars with Bernard
Lots of people at the market
Katherine, Beatrice and Jacob.
Background: Vitale, Chrettienne, Thorkell?, Deordannan, Berengar, Duncan, Theodora, ?, Bernard? (obscured), Bastian, Genevieve, Redbeard, ?, Adele, Einar, Daniel, ?, ?, Veronica
Tavern brawl: Tycho, Emrys, Fraser, Richard, Vitale, ? (obscured), Dickon?, ? (obscured), Benedict, Peregrin
Vitale's broken bottle
Tycho, Duncan, Emrys. Berengar in background.
Dam builders: Turloc, Phoebe, ?, Bethany, ?, Niamh, ?, Steven, Einar, Sonya, ?, Rowena, Angus
The boar hunters set out: Alan, Caitlin?, Alexander, ?, Suzanna, Daniel, unidentified fighters
A boar is slain: Aidan?, ? (obscured), ?, Richard
The ball: ?, Iuliana, ?, ?, ?, Sonya, ?, Edward, Iarnulfr (background), ?, ?, ?, ?
Turloc, Iarnulfr, Clarice, Alexander

Sunday February 3

The workshop: Redbeard, Iarnulfr, Thorkell, Aliena?
Peter Lyons designs armour
Monie and Feran
Ladies of Draco Verdis: ?, ?, Alexandra
Xavier, Gabriel, Cassandra, Del
Musicians: Emma and Sonya
Veronica does feast prep
Target archery: ?Helen?, Alexander, Mark?, Turloc, ?, Gilbert? (crossbow), ?Bernard?, Iarnulfr
Willehelm, Michael, Aidan
The feast.
Front table: Ceina, Mark?, ?, Aidan, Emma, Ilar
Second table: ?, ?, Niamh, Steven, Turloc?
Background: Iuliana, ?, ?, Lesley, ?, ?, Kate, ?, ?, ?, Feran, Monie, ?Asbjorn?, Iarnulf?, ?, ?, Angel (very obscured), Redbeard, Thorkell
Ceina and Emma
Rowena, Lesley, Helen?, Peter, Steve, Kate, Mike
Interesting patterns in the wax...

Monday February 4

Angel brushes Aliena's hair
Redbeard starts work on a bow
Class in the Mong: Beatriz, Niamh, ?, Lesley, Adele?, Alan, Therese, ?, ?
?Brent? vs Willehelm
Not really mediaeval...Peter, Genevieve, Helen?, Iuliana and Steve play Seafarers
Hercules and Avril
Redbeard, Turloc, Angel, Emrys, Alexander
Aliena aims a seige weapon
Benedict and Asbjorn
More archery: Angel, Alexander, Mark, Geoffrey, Turloc, Richard, Bernard, Beatriz, Gilbert, ?
Inside the Lyons' den
Bakery staff: Rowena and Deordannan. Tools courtesy of Iarnulfr
Draco Verdis: Alexandra, ?, ?, ?, Brent
Deordannan adjusts the loaves
Nice tents
Martuccio and Rowena share an anniversary cup. Bethany?, Iuliana, ?Phoebe?, ? in background
Rowena (obscured), Teresa, Phoebe, Kilian, Alexander (foreground), Turloc, Adele, Theodora, Clarice
Natalia, Niamh, Hercules, Michelet, ? (foreground), Beatriz, Emrys, Rowena, Angel, Iuliana

Tuesday February 5

Watching the rainy tourney: ?, Alan, ?, Martuccio (background), Elizabeth, Ceina, Bastian, Alexandra, Ilar, ?, ?, ?, Benedict, Vitale, Phil, ?
Listsfolk: Arabella and Geoffrey
Benedict faces Martuccio
Team melee: Benedict, Emrys and Willehelm vs Aidan, Asbjorn and Bastian
Background: Alexandra, ?, ?, ?
Foreground: Vincent, Bethany, Avril, Veronica, Alan, Clarice, Elizabeth, Gilbert
Lunchtime: Phil, Danny (background), Vitale, Aidan, Emma, ? (obscured), ?, Angel (foreground), Killian, Emrys?, Asbjorn (obscured), ? (background), ? (background), Alan, ?, ? (background), Willehelm, Beatriz, Peter, Lesley, ?, ? (obscured), Helen?, Steve, ?, ?, ?
Closing meeting
In front of first bench: Martuccio, Rowena, Geoffrey, Arabella, Ilar, Killian, ?, Arnfridr, Michelet
Other seated: Redbeard, ?, Helen?, ?, Vincent, Steven?, Peter, ?, Teresa, ?, Alexandra, Brent?, ?, Deordannan, Veronica, Turloc, Theodora, Clarice, Genevieve
Standing at back: ? (obscured), Phil, Alan, Angel (obscured), ?, ?, ?Asbjorn?, Iuliana, Aliena, Iarnulfr, Sigurd?
Sheltering in the hall
Front table, clockwise from left: Iuliana, Alan, ?, Asbjorn, Helen?, Angel, Vitale
Background: Bethany, Therese, ? (obscured), Genevieve, Alexandra, Peter?, Emrys, Steve
Hnefeltafl: Emrys, Alexandra, Genevieve, Steve
Massseurs: Killian, Rowena, Lesley, Phil, Alexandra
Hiding from the storm: Redbeard and Sonja

Wednesday February 6

Takedown time

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