The 48-Hour Party, 25-27 August, Plunkett Street: Friday -- Saturday -- Sunday

Many thanks to the hosts (Troy, Alex, Hadley, Guppy, Jess, Leon and Mike), the major helpers (including Nick Green and Morbid for music, Heather and Jenny for awesome nibbles) and the jelly wrestlers (Belle, Sophie, Charlotte, Jess and the dictators).


Looking at old pictures: Fluffy, Ivan, Mia, Schmoo.
Chocolate! Heather, Morbid, Robert. Robyn and Steve in the background.
Alex and Gynn, Dictator of Wellington.
Hallway: David, Garth, Jess, ?, Gynn, Andrew, Amy, ?, Fluffy?
Face from the past: Tim.
Lurking newcomers: Daniel, Johnny, Boone, Stuart.
Oliver, David, Lisa.
Mouse and Trond.
Couldn't resist... (Tria)
Heather and Morbid.
Lounge: Oliver, Gold, Dillon, Jenny (background), Ivan, Trond, Schmoo, Belle, Chris?, Mouse.
Fresh meat!: ?, Belle, ?
Jess and Jenny.
Mel's harem: Belle (background), Jenny, Jacqui, Heather, Sophie. Mel's head is just visible behind Jacqui.
Beast, Ross, Julie, Michael, Jenny (obscured), Mel, Heather.
Young SCAdians: Nicola, Peter, Minna
Danny and Seth.
Dancers: Chris, Tria, Sophie, Picasso, John.
Back yard: JL, Matt, Belle, Jason.
Erin? (obscured), Damon, Anthony, Emily, ?, ?, Nick.
Dillon, Karen
Troy and Lisa.
Fluffy, Tony, Mary Ann.
Kitchen: Sophie, Dennis, Damon, Ricki, Erebus, Johnny.
Julie and Jess.
Euan and Rebecca.
Ricky and Erebus.
JL, Debra, Theresa, ?
Dancefloor: Seth, David?, Meredith, Nick (foreground); Michael, ?, Sophie beyond door; ?, Rebecca, Euan, ?, Simeon, ?


People awake and playing cards: Theresa, Zyjil, Chris, Fluffy, Michael, Gynn
People nearly awake: Morbid and Sophie.
Abandoned sleeping quarters (and Morbid and Sophie...).
Firing up the barbecue: Alex, Troy, JL.
JL avoids the light on the puppy pile pillows.
Twister breaks out: Julie, Sophie, Heather, Theresa.
Morbid and Julie.
Geek break: Garth, Troy, Mike and Diablo II.
Jenny makes nibbles.
Puppy pile in action: Sophie, Gynn, Amy, Chris, Heather, Hadley (background), Michael, Alex, JL, Dennis, Daniel.
Jess and Champagne.
Emily and Damon.
More puppies: Darcy, Daniel?, Jenny (background), ? (foreground), Michael, Matt, Belle and a couple of unidentifiable sets of black clothing.
Angela arrives.
Puppy pile again: Johnny, Heather, Jenny, Mel, Belle, Del, Chris.
?, Gevan, Mouse, Kirk, Brian, John.
Quiet hallway: Cameron, Angie, David (standing), Adam?, John, Chris (background), Andrew, Emily.
Tina, Erin.
Faces from the past: Mary and Will, Seth.
Purple boys: Glen and Karl.
The crowd awaits the wrestling.
The first contestant is cheered: Belle.
Sophie vs Charlotte.
Jess supplies more jelly.
Adding jelly is a risky business...
Making the best of it!
Battle of the dictators.
The battle goes on...
...and on. But that's where camera memory runs out...
Fluffy, Chris, Hamish
Cat in a hat.
Group snog.
Richard and Lubie.
Early retirers.


Survivors: Zyjil, Gynn, Amy, Ricky.
Dawn of the Dead Alex (Erebus and Leon in the background).
More survivors: Chris, Hadley, Damon.
Better weather for a barbecue: Gynn, Michael, Damon, Hadley? (obscured), Chris, ?(obscured), Erebus, Troy, Ricky.
Twister yet again: Amy, stretchy Erebus, Julie.
And the audience: Chris, Ricky, Julie, Erebus, Damon, Michael, Gynn, Hadley, ?Leon?
Very twisted: Erebus, Troy, Ricky, Hadley, Gynn, Amy, Chris, Julie.
Uncle Fester!
Alex being a dickhead...
Silly games: Julie, Erebus, ?, me (foreground), ?
Family reunion: Blue Meanie, Morbid, Erebus (and Ricky hiding)

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