February 26-March 3: Otago first meeting, first battle and first party, Fiona's farewell, Clubs Days, MRS first meeting

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Otago First Meeting, Evison Lounge, 26 February 2005

Dictator Simeon
Ex-dictator Maria
The politburo (or most of it): Nigel, Chloe, Simeon, Miche, Joe
Assembled agents
Foreground: Miche, Simeon, Chloe, Nigel (nose)
Agents: Dust, John, Colin, Ben, Shannon, Ant (very obscured), Theuns, Zara (obscured), Amy, ?, Nicola, ?, Kathy (obscured), David, Cameron?, Terry, Chris, Natalia
Ant, Zara, ?
Background: David, ?, ?
Colin, Shannon, ?, Nicola, Cameron?, ?, Dust (obscured), Theuns, Amy, Ben (obscured), Terry, ?, Ant (obscured), John, ?, Danny, Russell (obscured), Zara, Kathy, Natalia, Ana, Daniel, David
Nigel, Chloe
These guys have seen it before: John, Danny, Russell
Joe, Simeon, Shelley
Colin, Danny, Russell, Dust (obscured), Kathy, ?, Terry, Shannon, Chloe (elbow)

Otago First Battle, Woodhaugh Gardens, 26 February 2005

Simeon, Theuns (extremely obscured), John, Chris
?, ?, ?
This man seems to like his weapon: Danny (obscured), Daniel
Joe (obscured), John, Theuns
Training session for new recruits: Miche, Megan, Meran, Nigel, Kathy, Daniel, ?, David, Richelle, ?, ? (obscured), Simeon
Russell, Colin, Cameron?
High-level negotiations: Reece, Simeon
A nice set of balloons: Nigel, Terry?, Megan, Theuns, Dust (obscured)
Background: Terry?, Danny, Chris, Theuns, John, Ana (gun)
The enemy assembles: Reece, Cameron, ?, Seth, Gunny, ?, ? (obscured), Darling, Michael, ?
Joe, Miche, Simeon, Reece, Seth (obscured), Captain Michael O'Brien
The troops assemble: David, Cameron?, Nicola, Chloe (obscured), Shelley, Chris, Nigel, ?, Natalia, ?, Megan (obscured), Ana, Daniel, Richelle, Shannon, Miche, Reece
Ritual weapons check: ? (very obscured), Natalia (obscured), Nigel (obscured), Chris, Reece, Meran, Joe, Michael, Shelley, Seth (obscured)
Background: unknown
Battle is well and truly joined: Megan, Joe, ?, Natalia, Chris (dead), Daniel?, ? (very obscured), Richelle, ?, Miche, Shannon, ? (dead), Ana?, ? (obscured), Nicola, Gunny (obscured), Seth (very obscured), Darling, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Cameron (dead), ?, Michael? (obscured), Jock
Background: unknown
Ben, ? (feet), ? (feet)
Alfs fail to pick on someone their own size: Darling, Jock, ? (background), ?, ?, Shelley
Ben, Miche, Colin?, ?, Ana, ? (background), Michael, ?, ?, Darling
Nicola, Richelle (background), David, Seth, Megan (obscured), ? (foreground), Gunny, Kathy, Danny, ? (dead), Nigel, Simeon, Jock (dead), ? (background), Chloe, Ana (gun), ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Darling (obscured), ? (background), Shelley (dead), ? (background), Nicola (dead), Danny (background), Seth? (dead), ? (obscured, dead), Dust? (background), Meran, Cameron, ?, Simeon, Nigel, David (dead), ? (background), ? (background), Kathy, ?, Reece (dead), Jock (dead), Miche, Chris (dead), ? (dead, foreground), Ben (dead), Ana (obscured, dead), ? (dead), ? (obscured, dead), ? (obscured)
Ben, ?
Richelle (dead), Ana, ? (dead), Russell (dead), Reece leaping into battle, Seth, ?, ? (dead), Meran, David, Simeon, Shannon (dead)
Chris, Russell (dead), Simeon, Shannon (obscured), ?, Michael, Nicola, Shelley, Jock, Meran
Looted standard: Nicola
Background: unknown
The war elephant: Cameron, Seth, Gunny, ?, Darling, Shelley, Natalia, ? (very obscured), ? (obscured), Joe, Ana (gun), ? (gun)
?, ?, Joe (obscured), Colin, ?, Amy, ? (dead), Daniel (crouching), ? (dead), Simeon, Chloe, Terry
Amy, Meran (obscured), Gunny (very obscured)
Charging the crowd: ? (obscured), Ana, Shelley, Daniel, Meran, Megan (obscured), Miche, Chloe, ? (very obscured), Terry, Simeon, ?, ? (obscured), Michael, Jock, ? (obscured), ?, ?, Nigel
Standing: ?, ?, ?, Darling, Joe, Jock
Dead: ? (obscured), ?, Terry, ?, Chloe (obscured), Simeon, ?, Michael, ? (obscured), ?, David, ?, ? (obscured), Daniel?, ? (obscured), Amy
Chastising the naughty: Darling, Jock, Micheal, ?, ?, ?, ?
Ritual handshakes: ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?, Reece, Gunny, Cameron (obscured), Simeon, ?, Shelley, Seth, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Chris, ? (obscured), Ana, Meran, ?, Daniel, ?, ?, Jock (very obscured), ?, ?, ?, Miche, ?, Kathy, David, Cameron?
An execution: Amy, ? (arm), Ana? (obscured), Shannon (obscured), Cameron?, Natalia, Joe (obscured), Simeon, ?, Maria, David, Kathy, Chloe, Shelley, Daniel, Terry, Chris
?, Darling, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Jock
Daniel, ???? (background), Joe, Chloe? (obscured), Chris, Terry, ? (background), David, Shelley, Simeon, Colin (obscured), Reece, Ana, ?, Danny, Megan (obscured), Kathy, Miche, ?, Shannon, ? (obscured)

Otago First Party, Glencairn Street, 26 February 2005

Michael, Darling, Natalia
It's a dog's life in the army: ?, ?
Joe, Dust, Amy, Chris
Kylie, Theuns, Darling
Ben, Carys, Natalia (obscured)
?, ?, Jock (obscured), Danny
Incoming mob: Ant, ?, Chloe (obscured), Zara, Shelley
David, ? (obscured), ?
Maria, Colin, ?, Brendan, Cameron?, Carys
Terry, Miche, Dust, Amy
Nicola, David
Danny, Joe (very obscured), Daniel (obscured)
Kylie, Daniel, Jock
? (knees), Dust, Ant, Zara
A duel is announced: Daniel (obscured), Nicola (obscured), Megan, ?, Chloe, ? (obscured), Brendan, ? (obscured), Shelley (obscured)
Ben, Miche? (obscured), Joe, Ana (obscured), Dust, Cameron?, Danny, Simeon, Carys, Chloe (obscured)
Simeon (obscured), ?, ?, Brendan, Carys, ?, Ant, Amy (obscured)
Russell, Ben, Ana, Zara, ?, Miche, Cameron?, Dust, Shelley, ?, John, Simeon
? (hand), Miche (obscured), ?, John, ? (very obscured), Simeon, ?, Kylie, Brendan, Joe, Carys, Ant, Amy
? (obscured), ? (obscured), Simeon, Brendan (obscured), Carys
Mike is disgusted by the whole affair
Nope, not properly empty: Joe, Mike
Cameron? (obscured), John, ? (obscured), Simeon, Darling
Russell, Ana
Background: Ben, Danny, Dust, Zara
Seth (obscured), Megan, Nigel (obscured)
Natalia, Megan, Dust (obscured)
? (obscured), Chloe, Seth, Jesse?
Scoring the duel: ?, Seth
Simeon (obscured), Megan, Dust (obscured)
Zara, Dust (obscured)
The Alfs depart: ? (obscured), ?, Michael, Jock
Trying his hand at puppetry: Daniel (obscured), Megan, Nigel
Izy, Miche? (very obscured)
Linton?, Izy
? (foot), Nigel, Chloe, Natalia
?, Colin?, ?, Reece
Clockwise from left: Brendan (obscured), Carys, Nigel, Joe, Russell, Ana, Ant, Chris,? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Simeon, Maria
Dancing toys: Linton?, Izy, ? (arm)

The Next Morning, Glencairn Street, 27 February 2005

Theuns, Amy
Dust, Kylie, Danny, Chris, Theuns
Theuns (obscured), Izy
Natalia, Nigel

Fiona's Farewell, Wainui Street, 26 February 2005

Photo courtesy of Angie
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Chris, Rebecca, Stacey
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Justin (obscured), Angie, Chris, Schmoo (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Fiona (obscured), Alex (obscured), Justin, Vania
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Photo courtesy of Angie
Alex, Jason, ?, Chris? (outside)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Kat, Mel, Shannon, Schmoo (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Wayne, Janine, Simon
Photo courtesy of Marsden

Clubs Days, University of Canterbury, 2-3 March 2005

Brett, Fiona, Norman
Potential Recruits: ?, Norman (head), Brad, ?, Fiona (head)
MRS table: Alison, Karen
?, Brett, Dawn (seated at table)
Manifesto production: Caleb, Gypzy
Tony (obscured), Kat, ? (very obscured)
Dan, Allanah
Kat vs Shannon
SAGA table: ?, Jonathon, Robert, ?, ?
?, Tony? (head), Frank, Brian, ?
Wine Club has KAOS people too: Duncan, Helen, Peter
Helen, ?, Peter, Josh, ?
Hired killers lurk in the crowd: Caleb, Frank
A startled politician: Luke, Richard Prebble, Brett, Caleb (gun)
Theuns?, Chris, ?, Amy, ?, Brett (obscured), Tony, Shannon, Allanah, ?, Norman, Fiona
Chris, Caleb (obscured)
Damon, Mary Anne, ?
MRS again: ?, David, Alison, Karen
Tim vs David
?, ? (obscured), Michael, Chris, ? (obscured), Robert, Russell
Norman, Mary Anne, Tony, Amy, Daria, Trond
Norman, ?, ?, ?, ?, Tony, ?, ?
Frank, Greg
Andrew, David
MRS people signing up: ?, Claire?, Leah, James, Alison, Amy, Mel?, Tony, Luke, ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Leah vs Andrew
Photo courtesy of Marsden

MRS First Meeting, University of Canterbury, 3 March 2005

Tim, Andrew?, David?
Claire, Damon, ?, ?, ?, ?, Rowena?, Alison, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?
Schmoo, Amy, Peter (obscured), Gypzy, Ruth, Roland, Karen, ? (obscured), Heather, Josh, Vadim, Amy?, Leah, ? (foot), Simon

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