April 20-May 10: Nelson trip, games day, dictator's drinkies, MRS fighters, Jenny's birthday, Nick's birthday

Nelson trip, 20-21 April 2003

Trafalgar Street: Andi, Mike, John, Seth
Morrison Street Cafe: Seth, Andi, Mike, John
With good food and coffee, this was a handy place to game for a few hours.

Games Day, Frankleigh Street, 25 April 2003

Stacey (obscured), Amy, Chris
Knights and Cities of Catan: Meredith, Robert, David, Beast
Web of Power: Beast, Josh, Schmoo, Heather, Amy, Chris, ? (obscured)
3D chess: Meredith (obscured), Simeon, Theuns?, LX
Keenie, Robert (obscured)

Dictator's Drinkies, Middlepark Road, 26 April 2003

Scarecrow, Glenn, Danny, Binky, James
James (obscured), Kirk, Fluffi, Vania, Josh, Simeon, JL
Josh, Simeon, Amy
Daniel, Chris
Kirk, Vania
Random limbs: James?, Kirk, Josh
Amy (obscured), Trond, ?
Josh, Tria (obscured), Rebecca, Jess (obscured), Lubie
Jess, Tria, Lubie
Andre (obscured), Storm, Leon (obscured)
Rebecca (obscured), ? (obscured), Nick, Al
Seth, LX, Ozy (obscured)
? (obscured), Glenn, ? (very obscured), Jess
Pip, Seth, ? (obscured)
Danny, Josh, William, Gypzy, Andre
Matt, Hamish, Andrew
Erin, Gypzy (obscured)
?, Zane, Brian
Brian, Matt, Andrew

MRS Fighters' Practice, UCSA ballroom, 30 April 2003

Zane, Bastian, Roland, ?
Sonya, Amy, Peter

Jenny's Birthday, Blenheim Road, 3 May 2003

Nicola, Jenny, Helen, Peter, Sonya
Jenny and her cake
Rebecca, Amy, David, Danny, Amy
Preparing to sacrifice a dessert: Zane, Jenny, ?, Steve, Sonya
A swarm of locusts: David, Jenny, Beast (obscured), Sonya, Rebecca, John, Peter (foreground), Simeon, Amy, Mike, Matthew, Stacey, Anna
Carolyn (obscured), Trond, Danny
Matthew, Stacey, Anna (obscured)
David, Jenny, Meredith
Sasha, Amy, Roland
Zane, Jenny, Helen
Mike (obscured), Nigel
Jenny, Natalia
Anna, Matthew
Josh, Daniel
Leon, Natalia, ?, Storm, Amy
Peter, Sonya
Zane and a toy

Nick's Birthday, Elizabeth Street, 10 May 2003

Diana, Nick, Carolyn, Haz
Dennis, Mary Anne
Al, Dillon (obscured)
Amy, Chris
Andre, Josh
Fiona, Liz, Mel (obscured)
Lance, Mel
Theuns and his mousse, Andre (obscured)
Haz, Jess
The fitting room: Phil, Fiona (obscured),Amy, Al, Theuns
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Matt, Dan, ?
Andrew, Scarecrow
Product placement: Amy, Lubie
Matson, Tony, Fiona
Dillon, Scarecrow
Brian, Fridge, Andrew
Fridge magnet porn
Fluffi, Andrew (very obscured), Fridge
Matson (very obscured), Amy (very obscured), Fluffi, Keenie, Fridge
Keenie, Lee, Matt, Adam
Josh, Liz, Carolyn, Jonty, Fiona, Lance
Troy, Theuns (obscured)
Amy, Troy

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