June 1-18: Phil and Nina go to the Coast, games night, UCMRS celebrates the sacking of Lindisfarne, Fascists, Tyrants, and Republicans party, snow in Christchurch

Phil and Nina go to the Coast, 1-3 June 2002

Christchurch Station, at the unpleasant hour of 08:30...
Stopped at Springfield
Into the hills
Waimakariri Gorge
Staircase Viaduct
Waimakariri Gorge again
Looking up to the Craigieburn Range
Lake Sarah, near Cass
Wintry trees
Rough Creek, near Arthur's Pass
Otira River
Green West Coast pastures
Nearing Lake Brunner
Lake Brunner at Moana
Suspension pipe across the Grey River
Memorial to New Zealand's worst mining disaster at the Brunner Mine site
Looking down the Grey from the mine site (the old entrance is off to the right)
Northwards view on Rapahoe Beach
Point Elizabeth
Looking back down the cliff
Going back on the inland track
Nina and her mother at the Punakaiki Cavern entrance
The cave gets smaller...
Coal Creek track
The little falls
Coal Creek Falls

Games night, Ollivier's Road, 7 June 2002

Beast (very obscured), Rebecca, Del, Theuns, Diana, Steve, Nina, Stefan, Meredith

UCMRS celebrates the sacking of Lindisfarne, Tui Street, 8 June 2002

Quarterstaff practice: Emma, Roland, Sonya, ?
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
? and Roland fight with daggers
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
?, Iarnulfr, Roland
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Roland and ? do sword and shield
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Iarnulfr, Vincent, Aidan
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
A soteltie
Photo courtesy of Thorkell
Dinner: ?Vincent?, Amy, Einar, Iarnulfr, Aliena? (obscured), Sonya
Photo courtesy of Thorkell

Fascists, Tyrants, and Republicans Party, White Palace, 8 June 2002

Unfortunately, a corrupted memory card wiped out almost all photos from this party.

Photo courtesy of Marsden
Simeon, Kat, Stefan?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Phil and Bethany
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Robert, ?, Bethany, Angela, Cody
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Mary Anne, Adam, Cat, Tony
Chris, Glenn, ?, ?, Amy, Leon, ?, ?, ?
Fiona and Amy

Black Rose Ball, UCSA ballroom, 15 June 2002

Photos to be added if any arrive from people who were there...

Snow in Christchurch, Kahu Road, 17-18 June 2002

Matt and Belle with their snowman
Phil in the snow
The long walk...
Come the morning and the snow is mostly gone

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