Perversion Party, Plunkett Street, 7 April 2000

A girl and her gun: Keenie
Ross and the kinky koala
Danny and his dildo
The lingerie fairy: Yvette
Slightly worrying: Scarecrow
Dan in drag
Dolly does veges
Demonic duo: Matt and Belle
The Dollhouse Academy: Meredith, Beast, Rebecca
Thereby hangs a tail: Julie
Best costume, but is it a perversion: Vernon
Crowded corridor
Strangely suited Simeon
Bondage Elmo
Shark treatment: Cody
A bubbly young Mike
Bouncing baby Alex
Black angel: Jess
The dictator's new clothes... Becs, Meredith, people in corridor, Troy, ?
Spiderman: Glen
French maid: Cameron, Angie, Chris
Sister Fridge
Look at my pet! Glen, Dave, Robyn
Gold and Sally
Jennifer with corset and fur
Simeon and Andi
Strange ceremonies: Ashes (seated), Hadley (standing), Rebecca, Scarecrow, Trond, Mel, Stuart, Nick, Alex
Did this man corrupt Dolly? Nick
Simply odd
Random crowd shot
Whose bottle is it?
Seths's stigmata
Unidentified penguin
Rat hiding before his wedding... Rat, Bastian, MaryBeth

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