December 31: New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve, the New Bordello, 31 December 2001

Al makes last-minute preparations
Ashes and Mike arrive
Ben, Nicole, Rebecca, Nicola, Carolyn, ? (obscured)
Carolyn, Diana
Putting up the decorations: Ozy, ? (obscured), Simeon, Mark
Julie and Paula
The New Bordello with glow-in-the-dark banners: ?. Pip?, ?, Oliver? (obscured), Emma, Mike?, ? (obscured), Julie?, Paula's legs, Mark?, Simeon, Mouse, Colin, Al
Emma, Schmoo?, Tria, Dan, Pip, Chris (obscured), Anthony
Emma, Pip, Nick, Leon, Tria, Chris, Tim, Anthony (obscured), Angie
Music maestro John
Jason and Julie
Oliver, Neil, Evan, Karla
Keenie and ?
Troy, Erin, Andrew
Mouse, Pixi, Karen
Belle and Matt
Keenie and Royce
?Sandra? and ?
Nick, ? (obscured), James, Puppy, Angie, ?, Kaye, ? (obscured)
John, Troy, Nicole
Anne-Marie (ex-dictator of Wellington), Simeon, Jarret
Jess and Sarnia
Lubie and Dan molest Charlotte
The dozing duo... Heather and Seth
Background: Paul (obscured), Pete, ?, ?, Rat
Rat and Pip
Pete and Karen
Carl and Bops
Glenn, ?, Phil
Karen and Samantha
Mary Anne, Nigel, Lesley (foreground), Natalya, Josie
Oliver and Emma
Garth and Jess
Meredith and Stefan
Kat, Jenny, Joe, Pip
Background: Erin, ?, ?, ?, Emlyn, ?
Duncan and Bastian
Cameron and Yvette
Claire, Simon, Amy
Dan?, ?, Jason, Pip, Steve
?, Cody, Michael, Chris
Aaron and Karl
Linda, Euan, Trudy, Ryan
Erebus and Dennis
?, ?, Starz
Dan and Pip, Jess, ?, Andi, Emma?, ?, Garth, ?, ?, ?, Karen (very obscured), Hamish, Fridge, Daniel, Darcy
? (obscured), ? (obscured), Pip, Dan, Jess, ?, ?, Andi, Claire, Adam, Garth, Hamish, Karen, Pip, Daniel, Cat, Tony, ?
Phil and Shekinah
Morbid, Mike, Tim (obscured), Erebus, Kat, Andrew, Yvette?, Ozy, ? (obscured)
Yvette, Adam, Angela
Fridge and Emma
?, ?, Pip, Dan, ?, Janelle, ?, Al, Rebecca, Angela, Claire
Trond and Morbid
Brian and Alex
Ricki, Andrew, Mia
Some fall by the wayside: Cody
Theresa and ?Sarah?
Colin guards Paula
Darcy applies fresh war-paint...
I wouldn't dream of naming names...
Mary Anne and Kirk

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