June 3-4: Johanna's farewell, Heather's 22nd

Dollhouse rules

Johanna's farewell, 3 June 2000, Puriri Street

Guest of honour: Johanna
Interesting decorations...
Buxom wenches: MaryBeth and Mary Anne
Flatmates: Dave and Robyn
Fridge shows off his shirt; CJ lurks quietly
Oliver, Kirk, Menolly
Johann's farewell gift, front... (Robyn and Simeon in background)
Johann's farewell gift, back
For some reason, there were many couples snogging in front of the camera this evening... Simeon and Nicola were but the first
Belle and Matt
Someone is hiding... Charlene, Ricki, ?Dave? (obscured), Ben
Quiet dancefloor: Rebecca?, ?, ?, Charlotte?, Cat, ?
Beth and Duncan
Caleb and Theresa
Head shaving begins... Caleb and Zane
Out with the straight razor! What Caleb does not know is that Zane is drunk...
Oliver and Charlene
Finished product: Caleb, Zane, Theresa (hiding). Possibly Johanna through the doorway.
Michael and Johanna

Heather's 22nd, 4 June 2000

Yummy mousses and wines...
...and other goodies
Heather blows out her candles
Guests: Nicola, Simeon, Matthew, Jenny, Theuns
More guests: Brent (foreground), Charlotte, Simeon, Nicola, Wulf
Another Jenny
The cat
Theuns, Heather, Aaron

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