July 21-29: Schmoo and Cat's drinkies, Ilam Road drinkies, Heroes & Villains party, LCR and Foundry, SCA College Anniversary, Dress to Get Laid party

Schmoo and Cat's drinkies, Cranford Street, 21 July 2000

Tess, Shoei, Schmoo
Angie, Tony, Trond
Zane, Ashes, Tony, Trond
Watching dodgy TV: Zane, Ashes (almost completely obscured), Theresa, Tony, Cat
Living room: Ashes (obscured), Cat, Matthew, Caleb, Tony, Trond

Ilam Road drinkies, 22 July 2000

Andrew, John, Picasso
Matt and Belle
Before the departure: Ashes (hand), Cara, Brain, Tess
Assorted people: Ashes, John, Picasso, Simeon, Karen, ?Andi?, Cara

Heroes and Villains party, Epsom Road, 22 July 2000

Sophie and Theresa
Girly Man... Daniel, Leon
...and Manly Girl: John, Mia
Doorway lurkers: Ricky, ?
Kitchen lurkers: Brian, Daniel, John
Those nails need trimming... Cody
Boy soldier Damon...
...girl soldier Erebus
Combat... Rebecca and Joe

LCR and the Foundry, 26 July 2000

A sign of the end times: study tables in the LCR... Zane, Vanessa, Scarecrow, ?, Teri
...but these people have it right. Ivan, Duncan, Dillon, Josh? (foreground), Zane, Leon
Happy drinkers: Cat, Mary Ann, Josh, Robyn, Tony, Ashes
Well-camouflaged sleepers: Michael and Ashes

SCA College Anniversary, St Barnabas's, 29 July 2000

Lunch break in the hall: Foreground circle, clockwise from left: Einar, Geoffrey, Myfawnwy, Niamh, Brent, Aliena, Iuliana's father. Background: Ilar, Heloise, Eleonora, Alexandra, Gwyhnevar
Handcrafts: Niamh and Sigurd
Steward: Ilar
Cristia and Eleonora
Tycho drumming
Busy kitchen: Andre, Einar, Emma, Rowena, Bethany, Martuccio
Alas, poor vegetable... Einar and Bethany
Chatting in the hall: Niamh, Myfawnwy, Vitale, Heloise, Ethelind, Aliena
Breads and cheeses
Einar won the Celtic games. Vitale presents the prize.
Several people received Awards of Arms: Aliena...
and Theodora
And Cristia got her Laurel scroll
My table: Theodora (dodging), Cat, Clarice, Ayeshah, Niamh
Cooks and servers. From the front: Bethany, Aliena, Emma, Rowena, Einar, Michael, Andre, Martuccio, Alexander
Einar carves the haggis in front of Sigurd. Emma, Aliena and Geoffrey visible in background.
Alys sings to the cooks
My table again

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Dress to Get Laid party, Plunkett Street, 29 July 2000

Kitchen lurkers: Dave, Sophie, James, Adam, ?Lisa?
Crowded hallway: Lubie, Mary Ann, ?Lisa? and unidentifiable others
Nice gloves! ?, Chris, Sophie, ?Danny?
Buxom wenches: ?, Cat, Charlene, Ashes, Mary Ann
Quiet room: Ben, Chris, Lesley, Mel
Fridge and Emily
Central control room: ?, Alex
Debra/Mrs Teacake
Paul?, Olly, a shaven Duncan, ?, Sabrina?, Ivan? (background), Lesley, ?
Nice dress: ?, ?, Julie, Dennis, Damon
Colin's new suit
Auctioning Cat: Troy, Dennis, Cat, ?, Erin, Andrew, Ross, ?, ?
Zane, ? (obscured), Tony, Cutter, Robyn, ?, Teri, Danny
Auctioning Josh: Sophie, ?Glen?, Alex, Troy, the bust, Matthew, Josh, Nick, Ross, Sabrina?
Auctioning Yvette: Erin, Alex, Josh, Sophie, Nick, Troy, ?Dennis?, Adam, Yvette, Morbid, Erebus, ?
Watching the auction: ?, ?, ?, ?, Tria, Chris, ?, Lubie, Josh
Teri and Pip dancing
Dodgy Diana
Two more dodgy chicks... Mary Ann and Charlene
Dancefloor again: Keenie?, ?, Meredith, Beast, ?, ?, ?, Rebecca, several obscured people, Tria, Diana, Chris?, Sophie, ?, ? (foreground), Gold, Nick, Trond, Damon?, Hooch?
Feast + party = sleep: Robyn

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