April 15-23: Mia's graduation drinkies, Justin and Vania's engagement drinkies, games day, MRS Feast of the Garter

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Mia's Graduation Drinkies, Yaldhurst Road, 15 April 2005

Robert (obscured), Chris, ? (background), Josh, Stacey, Schmoo, Beth
Cat hides from cameras
Beth, Spike, Chris, Amy
Josh, ? (obscured), Schmoo (obscured)
Aaron, Mia
Mouse, Vanessa, Amy
Josh, Leon, Daria
Theuns, James

Justin and Vania's Engagement Drinkies, Greers Road, 16 April 2005

Justin, James, Theuns
Darian, Vania
Ben, Simeon
Cutter, Vania, Kirk
Angela, Cutter, Vania (arm)
Simeon (obscured), Jennifer
Angela, Vanessa, Brian, Steve
Mouse, Fluffi
Cutter, Angela
Sally, ? (obscured)
Pete, Emma, Jeremy
Mouse, Daria, Vanessa, Leon, Simeon
Dust, Sally
Daria, Pete, Leon
James and Mel hiding behind each other
Vania, Justin
Simeon, Ben
Gold, John
Emma (arm), Tony, Luci
Will, Charlene, Storm, Tony, Fiona, Ben, John, Karl, ? (very obscured), Emma, Mel, Pete, Gold, Luci
Hamish lines up his shot
Hamish and a shattered, burning candy egg...
Simeon, Gold, John
Simeon, Hamish, Claire
Robin, Lana
Robin, Luci, Lana

Games Day, Frankleigh Street, 17 April 2005

Primordial Soup: Schmoo? (obscured), Gavin?, Meredith, Steve
Beth, Vanessa
Fearsome Floors: Fluffi, Matthew, ?, Robert, Amy
Schmoo, Duncan, Meredith
Ticket to Ride: Beth (arm), Seth, Robert, Vanessa, ?, Amy, John
Articulate: Gold, Luci, Schmoo, Fluffi, Dan, Helen, Matthew
Caribbean: Steve? (fingers), Vanessa, Mouse
Dan, Schmoo, Danny
Munchkin: Steve (obscured), Fluffi (obscured), Schmoo, Gold, Luci, Matthew
Charlene, Jenny

MRS Feast of the Garter, Spreydon School and Royal Foundation for the Blind Hall, 23 April 2005

Here be mediævalists
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Amy, Peter
Photo courtesy of Amy
Amy, Peter
Photo courtesy of Amy
David, James, ? (background), Bill, Duncan, Tiffany
Photo courtesy of Amy
Preparing the target: Roland, Karen
Photo courtesy of Amy
Incoming! Roland
Photo courtesy of Amy
Heather, Roland, Jared, Bill (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Lots of incoming! Roland
Photo courtesy of Amy
Bill, Duncan, Heather, James, Suzi, David, Craig (arm)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Tiffany, Sonya, Peter, Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Karen, Roland
Photo courtesy of Amy
Craig, Peter (obscured), Jared, David, James, Matthew, Bill, Roland (obscured), Tim, Duncan, Karen, ?, Rowena
Photo courtesy of Amy
?, Tiffany (obscured), Suzi, Karen, Roland, Tim
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Clockwise from left: Craig, James, Tiffany, Dave, Bill, Suzi, ?, ?
Vadim, Peter (obscured), Natasha, Meredith, Steve (obscured)
Steve (obscured), Meredith, Gavin
Peter (very obscured), Sonya, Ruth, Leah, Heather, Nicola
Ruth, Amy, Leah, Louise
Rowena, Craig, ? (hair)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Seated, clockwise from left: Vadim, Natasha, Peter, Sonya, Jacqui, ? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), Peter, Heather (obscured), Amy, Amy
Standing: Ruth, Helen?, Alison
Announcing the dishes
Far table: Tim?
Middle table: Peter, Amy, Sonya, Jacqui (obscured), Amy, ?, ? (very obscured), Heather, ? (very obscured), Peter
Standing: Roland
Near table: Suzi, ?, ? (obscured), Karen (obscured), Kylie, Bill
Jenny, ? (obscured), Heather, Meredith, Gavin, Rebecca, David (obscured), Ruth, Roland (standing), Louise, Vadim, Leah? (obscured), Natasha, Tim, Phil, Sonya, Jacqui, ?, ?, ?, Peter, Bill, Suzi, ?, ? (obscured), Kylie, Karen (obscured), Dave, Tiffany (obscured), James, Craig, Rowena
Photo courtesy of Amy
Sonya, Jacqui, ?, ?, ?, ?, Peter
Photo courtesy of Amy
Knot bransle: Jacqui, Karen (obscured), Peter, Roland, Tiffany (obscured), Dave, Heather
Knot bransle: James, Suzi, ?, Natasha, Vadim, Rowena?, Kylie, ?, Amy, Peter (obscured), Bill, Dave, Peter, Tiffany? (obscured)
Nicola, Sonya, Amy
Still the knot bransle: Amy, Bill, ?, Rowena, ?, Roland, Suzi
Louise, Tim
Josh, Claire
Saracen's bransle: James (very obscured), David (extremely obscured), Rowena, Natasha, ?, Nicola, Sonya? (obscured), Claire, Peter, ? (obscured), Peter, ?Suzi?, Heather (extremely obscured), Jacqui, Bill, ?, ? (foreground), Karen (obscured), Roland, Tim, Kylie (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Alison, Leah
Jenny, Brent, Meredith
Photo courtesy of Amy
Singing: Rebecca (obscured), Natasha, Heather, Nicola, Peter, Helen, Sonya, Jacqui, Amy, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Amy
Peter, Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Phil, Duncan
Background: ?, ?, Tiffany, Bill, Dave
Photo courtesy of Amy
Rear table: ?, Peter, ?, Jacqui, ?
Front table: Bill, Suzi ?, ? (obscured), Kylie, Karen, Tiffany, James (very obscured), Dave (foreground), Roland (obscured),? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Karen (obscured), Kylie
Photo courtesy of Amy
Officers' bransle: ?, Roland, ? (very obscured), Nicola, ? (obscured), Dave, Suzi, Heather? (arm)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Duncan, Helen
Photo courtesy of Amy
Karen, Roland
Photo courtesy of Amy
David, Ruth
Photo courtesy of Amy
Applauding the cook: Ruth, Rebecca, Louise? (obscured), Peter, Leah, Sonya, Alison, Jacqui, ? (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy

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