December 8-10: SCA Sunday, Rocky Horror, Ashes's 21st, Dodgy party, SCA Christmas Revel

SCA Sunday practice, Kirkwood Intermediate, 3 December, 2000

Rotte, Del, Eleanora, Rowena, Vera?, Talorc, Etienne (background), Thorkell
New archers
Black Company masseuse: Rosein

Rocky Horror showing, Ilam Road, 8 December, 2000

Mina is a Finnish exchange student, who had never seen Rocky Horror before.

Seth, Nicola, Zane, Simeon
Mmmm, pizza: Nicola, Mina, Steve, LX, ?Diana? (obscured), ?Schmoo?
LX and John
A gunfight breaks out: Mina, Diana, Rebecca, Schmoo, Simeon, Zane
La Femme Charlotte
Ambush from the flank: Diana, Mina, Rebecca, Simeon, Zane
A man with an udder fixation: John, Simeon, Zane, Del, Charlotte, Seth
Morris dancers
Group shot. Standing: Schmoo, Rebecca, Diana, Theuns, Charlotte, Simeon, Del, Mina, John. Kneeling: Seth, Zane.

Ashes's 21st, Whitby St, 9 December, 2000

A fair number of people I can't identify, due to the presence of non-KAOS friends and relatives.

Birthday girl and relative
A present!
Mutant caterpillar: Matt
Morbid tries to make friends
Musical chairs: ? (obscured), Matt, Todd, Tony, Dennis, Trond, Cat?, Morbid, Ashes, ? (obscured), Theresa, ?, ?, ? plus unidentified folks in the background
Action! Morbid, Dennis, ?, Mary Ann and Charlene (far background), ?,Karen, Duncan, Zane?, Theresa?
Pass the parcel: Ivan, Duncan, Zane, Dennis, ?
The winner! Rachel
Long time no see: Mary Ann, Charlene (obscured), Dennis, MaryBeth, Trond, Cat, Todd, Matt
Domestic Karl
Spud and spoon race: Matt, Trond, Zane, ?, ?

Dodgy party, the Bordello, 9 December, 2000

By request, photos from the dungeon were done without a flash.

The evil overlord and his lieutenant: Dillon and Keely
New faces
More new faces
Hallway: Chris, Andrew, ?, ?, Angie? (obscured), Nick, Cameron, Alex, Anthony (obscured), ?, ?
Diana tries the toys
And keeps trying
Sleepy Angela
?, ?, Fridge, ?, Fluffy, Mary Ann, Rebecca (obscured), Hamish, Beast
Anthony, Morbid, Kat
Karl, Jo, Bastian
Mike, Ashes, Tony, Cat, John
Josh and Pauline
Pip and Lubie
Another photographer!
Cameron and Josh
Charlene, MaryBeth, Schmoo
Yvette, ?, Adam, ?
Jo, Alastair, Bastian

SCA Christmas Revel, WEA, 10 December, 2000

Catherine, Emma, Fraser?, Jarnulf, Gwynhevar, Myfawnwy. Background: Sinech, Eleanora, Maeve, Sigurd
Adele, Stefan, Therese, Lughaid
Maeve, Sinech, Eleanora
My table: Sinech, Lughaid, Chrettienne, Fraser?, Gwynhevar
Maeve, Vitale, Gilbert, Eleanora, Sigurd, Cristia

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