April 7: Perversion Party

I hope to scan some of the photos taken by the inhabitants, so this page may expand in a week or so.

Dillon, beheaded Anthony
Little Jo Peep
Robyn and Richard
Happy Teletubby Bastian
Droogs: Trond, Tony, John, Simeon
Happy droogs and Teletubby toast
It's shocking how people watch and do nothing... Oliver, Tess, Anthony, Jo, ? (obscured), Robyn, Nick, Steve
Ben. (Steve in background)
Russell. Mike in background.
A Robyn displayed...
Angela and Cutter
Boring uncostumed people: Euan, JL, Claire
Tria and Chris
Storm and Alex
A bad case of elephantiasis: Nigel
Dan and Pip
Her Honour...
Lawn: Simeon, ?, Richard, Jo (obscured), Tim, Ashes, Bastian, Wayne, ?, Alex, Dennis, Mary Anne (obscured), Sebastian, Sabrina, Matthew, the judge
Porch: ?, ?, ?, Jason, Trond, Pip, Dan, Nick, ?, ?
Dennis and Mary Anne
Way cool dress: Katharine and Ross
?, John, Traci, ?, ?
Dancefloor: ?, Rebecca, Mary Anne, ?, Karen, Andrew, Beast, ?Simeon? (obscured), ? (foreground), Simeon? (hat), ?, Claire, ?, Tim, Debra, Darcy, Jo, ?
Peter? (obscured), Richard?, Brian (obscured), Al, Beast (obscured), Anand, Troy
Ivan and Yvette
Spud and Hooch
Cardinal Karl and Neil
Darcy. Todd in background.
Karen, ?, Pixi
Andrew Kepple
Leon and Storm
?Emily? and ?
?Ben?, Erin, Peter? (obscured), Yvette, ?Tony? (obscured)
Charlene (obscured), Scarecrow
Jenny and Zane
Father Seth
Girls' school: Garth, Andrew, ?, Troy, Matthew
Colin, Jess, Starz
Dillon and Dan
Dancers: Peter, Jenny, Kat, ?, ? (obscured), Olly (foreground), Darcy?, Nigel, Sophie?, unidentified background people

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