June 29-July 7: Indian dinner, Cat's 21st, Delendan Est Carthago?, Josie's drinkies

Indian dinner, Tandoori Palace, 29 June 2001

Clockwise from left: Diana, Brendan, Becs (invisible), Belle, Beast, Al, Stefan, Meredith, Brian, Nigel, Theuns
Aftermath at the Dollshouse: Brian, Brendan, Becs, Beast, Rebecca, Nigel

Cat's 21st, Bentleys, UCSA, 30 June 2001

Cat and her father?
Crimson Permanent Assurance: Tony, Trond, John
Cameron, Mia, Angie, Tria, Trond, Chris, John
Rebecca and Matt
Leon, Mary Anne, Matthew, Dennis
Fridge and MaryBeth. Various relatives in background
Ivan and ?
Cat's father gets into the spirit of the event
Dennis and Erebus
Buxom wenches: Ashes, Cat, MaryBeth, Mary Anne
Cat's relatives
Susie?, Aaron?, Hooch
Spud. Ashes and her sister Karen in background.
Cat attempts the pirate piñata
Cat, Ivan, ?, Nicola, Matthew, ?
Nicola and Simeon
The cakes
Photo courtesy of Matt
Cat waves a knife at the cakes. Simeon, Nicola and Matt's legs in background.
Charlene's convenient drink holder...
MaryBeth, John, Tony? (obscured)
Ivan, Cat, Michael
Photo courtesy of Matt
Cat's cousins
Photo courtesy of Matt
Parrot people: Matthew and ?
Photo courtesy of Matt

Kahu Road, 6 July 2001

Some cats like to sit on people... Belle and Nutkin

Delendan Est Carthago?, Selley Common Room, UCSA, 6 July 2001

Signing up at the desk: Morbid, Shaun, Michael, Steven?, Peter, Daniel
John the security chap and Tony the Fascist
Praetorian guard Simeon, Fridge, Trond
Two senators: ?, Kirk
Carthaginian delegates: Matt?, Russell, Craig. Cutter behind them.
Trond issues Pontifex Maximus Alan with ample church funds... Matt?, Dennis, John in background
Vestal...um...ladies... ?, Meredith, Beast, MaryBeth, ?, Mary Anne. Alastair, Matthew, ? in background
Chris the slave, Brian the cartographer
Dennis, Daniel, Michael?, ? (obscured), Cutter, ? (obscured)
Two Vestals adore Scipio
A busy marketplace...
The senate debates: Keith, Alastair, Morbid, Daniel, Dennis, ?Chris?, ?, Alan, ?, Maarten, ?, Matthew, Kirk?
Two visitors
MaryBeth, ?, ?, ? (foreground), Alan, Meredith
Morbid addresses the senate. Chris and John in background.
Seduced by blasphemous Vestals, the Pontifex Maximus sacrifices the Macedonian ambassador. Nothing good can come of this. Alan, Morbid (obscured), ?Ingomar?, Chris?, MaryBeth, ?
Carthaginian ambassador makes his demands: ? (obscured), Matthew, Fridge, Craig, Russell (hat).
Three dodgy individuals: Hamish, Aaron, Fridge
Senators vote: ?, Kirk, ?, ?, Lesley, ?, ?, ?
The map.
The aftermath. Trond explains what happened.

Josie's drinkies, Bellvue Avenue, 7 July 2001

Mia, Josie
Spud, Nigel, Mia, Paul?

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