January 21-26: Angie's flatwarming, Schmoo and Andre's birthday, Fairy Ball, Clubs Day, Bec on ice

Angie's flatwarming, Rossall Street, 21 February 2003

Chris, Angie
Jamie the mad Scot

Schmoo and Andre's birthday, the Dollshouse, 21 February 2003

Josh (obscured), Keenie
? (obscured), Amy, Ollie, Matthew
Josh, Shaun, Yani, Mike, Chris
Jonty, Danny, ? (obscured)
Angie, Robert (obscured), Carolyn, Matthew, ?Ben?
Claire, ?, Sophie, Rebecca
Jenny, Zane
Simeon, Storm, ?, ?, Stacey, Fluffi, ?
? (obscured), James
Glenn, Storm, ?, ?
?, ?, Storm, Glenn

Fairy Ball, Westmont Street, 22 February 2003

MaryBeth, Del
Karen, Hamish
Hamish (obscured), Karen, Del, Hamish
Simeon Magus
Mike, tastefully dressed as always...
Hamish, Todd
Karen (obscured), Ashes, Hamish, Del
Jeremy, Todd, Simeon and Hamish putting soft toys in obscene poses
Andre, Leon
Storm, Adam (obscured)
Denise, Daniel, Matt
Claire, ?
Lisa, Adam, Angela, Cutter, MaryBeth, Del
?, Jonty, James
James, ?, ?

Clubs Day, University of Canterbury, 26 February 2003

MRS table: Chris, Nicola, Jo, Roland
Size does matter: Paula (obscured), Carolyn, Josh (obscured), ?, Sass, ?, Amy, Jennifer?, Jonty
Front:: Storm, Andre, Sass, Jonty
Further back: Tinks, Chris, Mary Anne, Robert (obscured), Erebus, Cody, ?
Christians for KAOS: Natalia
Sakura, CJ?, ?, Jonty, Chris, Erebus, Cody, ?, Jo (obscured), Roland, Robert
MRS display board
Happy pagans: Jennifer?, Mia, Josh
Paula, Andre (obscured)
Nicola, Sonya, Zane, Jenny, Jo
?, ?, Sass, ?, Carolyn, ?, James, Paula, Erebus, Nick, Robert, Josh, Storm?, ?, Cody
Zane, Jenny, Jo, Jenny, Amy
Nick, James
The Cat came back...
Roland, Zane, Amy
Amy, Zane, Nicola, Jenny, Roland
Amy, Gypzy, Diana, Keenie? (obscured)
Roland, Rebecca, Amy, Natasha, Nicola, Sonya, Amy (very obscured)
Scarecrow, ?, ?, CJ
Jonty, Tony
Foreground-ish: Paula, Keenie, Phil, Amy, Jonty, Carolyn
Further back: ?Michael?, Chris, James, Tony, Jo? (obscured), ?Amy?, ? (obscured), ?, Cat, Roland, CJ, Zane, Rebecca
Picture courtesy of Marsden
Tria, ?
Amy (obscured), Troy
Chris, Keenie
Jonty, Gypzy, Keenie, Damon, Paula, Greg

Bec on Ice, Antarctica, February 2003

Bec with seals
Picture courtesy of Bec; photographer unknown
Bec and Olivia
Picture courtesy of Bec; photographer unknown

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