SCA Easter Grand Tourney, April 21-25, 2000

Let all lords, barons, knights, squires and men at arms of Ildhavn, Darchester, Southron Gaard, Reannag Fhara and of all the lands in the southern reaches of Caid, and all others of whatever Kingdom of the Known World who are not banished or enemies of the King our Lord, know that on the twenty-second day of April at the field known as Rimu Park, in Southron Gaard, there will be a great festival of arms and a very noble tourney with crests, coats of arms and much show of arms of the noble tourneyers, as is the ancient custom.

The event went off well, despite the weather, although attendance was a bit low. I don't have all that many photos of things because I was mostly busy doing things and unable to take photos.

Master Del explains to the ladies how the judging of the Grand Tourney will work

Helms: Callum and Valerian

Helms: Tycho and Feran

Helms: Eleonora, Sigurd, Vitale, Richard

At the Clan Bruce fire: Iarnulf, Nicola, Alexander, Kassandra, ?Geoffrey? (hands only)

Tourney fighters: Eleanora and Tycho

Spectators: Michael, Myfawnwy, 2 unidentified children, Ayeshah, Rose, Alexandra, Fran, ? (obscured), Nicola, Chretienne?

Fighting: Callum, Sigurd, Geoffrey (marshal), Eleanora, Vitale

Fighting: Sigurd, ?, Chretienne the ressurector, ? (obscured), Valerian, Vitale, Geoffrey

Spectators: Steven, Del, Alexandra, Iarnulf, Robert, Kassandra, ? (obscured), Mark, Maeve, Cristia

Tending the wounded: Valerian and Becs

Around the fire pit: Ayeshah, Iarnulf, Michael, Aliena, Nicola, Alexander (obscured), Steven

Hiding from the rain: Vitale, Aliena, Alexander, ? (obscured), Michael, ? (obscured), Nicola

Merchants: Kassandra, Alexander (background), Feran, Iarnulf, ?

The baker: Chretienne, Sigurd, Gryphon (obscured), Robert the baker

Their Excellencies Sigurd and Eleanora at the Mangy Mongol peasant revel

Diners: Valerian, Nicola, Becs?, Aliena, Michael, Leonie, Myfawnwy (foreground), Alexander, Geoffrey, Iarnulf?

Diners: Heloise, Cristia, Ethelind, Tycho, Ilar, Vitale, Richard

Cooks: Callum, Gryphon, Chretienne

Chess: Nicola, Iarnulf, Alexander

Erotic Welsh poetry, read by Ilar: Maeve, Sigurd, Vitale, Ilar (foreground), ? (obscured), Callum

Rufty Tufty: Myfawnwy and Valerian, et al

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