May 7-14: Al and Melissa's drinkies, MRS repast, Wainui Street party, games day, MRS dance, Arthur Street drinkies

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Al and Melissa's Drinkies, Frankleigh Street, 7 May 2004

Charlene, Gypzy
Mouse, Vanessa, Helen, Steve, Mel, Martuccio (obscured)
Duncan, Mouse
Wayne, Ashes, Cat
Stacey, Spike
Mel (very obscured), Wayne, Bastian
Background: Al and Melissa
Gypzy (obscured), Theuns
Sarah, Carolyn
Tria, Emma, Peter
Fluffi, John
Dan, Rat
Jacqui (obscured), Amy
Dan, Jennifer

MRS Repast, St Barnabas', 8 May 2004

Seth, Josh, Andrew
Background: ? (obscured), Roland, ?, Steve
David, ?, Kylie
Vanessa, Lorenzo, Martuccio
Louise, Nicola, Amy, Karen (foreground), Sonya
Rebecca, Beast, ?, Roland, Vanessa (obscured), Glenn, Theuns (obscured), Meredith, David, Steve (obscured)
Martuccio (obscured), Steve, Theuns, ?, ?, Lorenzo, Mouse, Vanessa, Brent (background), Kylie, Glenn, Jenny (obscured), David, ?, Josh, Seth, ?, ?Roland? (obscured), Belle, Karen, Meredith, ?Nicola?, Peter, Amy, Sonya, Beast, Rebecca
Belle (obscured), Alison, Rebecca (background), David, Meredith (obscured), ?, Jenny, Mouse, Vanessa, Ness, Kylie, Glenn, ?, Stacey, Nicola
Background: Brent
Theuns (obscured), Steve
Nicola, ?, Glenn
Sending in supplies: Andrew, ?, Glenn, Mouse
Seth, Martuccio, Steve, ?Stacey? (very obscured), ? (very obscured), Theuns, Helen, Alison, Vanessa, Natasha, Lorenzo, Josh (background), Belle, ? (obscured)
Jenny, Josh (background), Seth, ? (obscured), Kylie, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), David, Louise (obscured), Peter (obscured), Sonya, Andrew, Roland, ?, Brent, Rebecca
Knot bransle: Karen, Stacey (background), Louise, Belle (obscured), Rebecca, Martuccio, ? (background), Sonya, Lorenzo, Amy, Peter, Kylie, ?, Vadim, Mouse, Natasha, Glenn, Brent? (background), ?, Tim, Alison, Josh
Andrew (obscured), ? (obscured), Tim, ? (very obscured), David (obscured), Mouse, Belle, Seth (foreground), Martuccio (obscured), Kylie, Lorenzo (very obscured), ? (obscured), Amy, Vadim (obscured), Natasha, Rebecca (very obscured), Glenn, ?
Petit Riens: Alison, Natasha, Ness
Beast, Andrew, Martuccio, David, Nicola (obscured)
Singers: Natasha, Seth, ?, Belle, Tim, Lorenzo, Mouse, Louise, Beast, Karen, Steve (obscured)
Competing for territory: Rebecca (obscured), ?, Beast, Karen, Glenn, David, Roland, Louise, Andrew, Sonya (obscured), Josh
Untangling: Seth, Amy, Amy, ?, Martuccio, ?Vadim? (foreground), Vanessa (seated), ?, Tim (rear), Heather (obscured), Andrew, Roland, Peter, Alison, Meredith (seated), ? (obscured), ?, Belle, Glenn, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (foreground), Lorenzo, Natasha, Josh

Wainui Street Party, 8 May 2004

Mikey, Fiona
Josh, ? (obscured)
Adam, Cameron
Fluffi, Todd, John (obscured)
Ben, Artaud
Mel (obscured), Matthew
? (hand), John, Carolyn
Troy after work...
? (obscured), Troy, Chris, ? (obscured), Andrew
Troy, ?, Angie, ?
Erin, Angie
Mel, Will
Background: Sarah
Background: Sarah
Lisa, Sarah
Caleb, John (obscured), Karen, Ashes? (obscured), Hooch
Joe, Mel
Lisa (very obscured), Joe, Jess, Robert
Seth, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Carolyn, ? (obscured), Mel, Binky
Photo courtesy of Marsden
? (obscured), Carolyn (obscured), Sarah, Ashes, Todd, Phil
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Sarah, Mel, Adam (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden

Games Day, Frankleigh Street, 9 May 2004

Heather (obscured), Charlene
Ninja Burger: Cutter, Duncan, Steve, Belle, Stacey, Martuccio (very obscured)
Matthew, Josh, Robert
John checks out Citadels
Light Speed: Charlene, Stacey, Belle, Martuccio
Ticket to Ride
Tongiaki: Anna, Steve (hand), John, Duncan, Cutter
Puerto Rico: Matthew, Robert, Mel, Heather
Stonewall: Stacey, Martuccio, Rat, Belle
Puerto Rico and Attika: Robert? (obscured), Josh, Mel (obscured), Heather, Charlene, Amy, ? (obscured)
Pirates' Cove: Anna, John, Meredith (obscured), Steve
Trumpet: ? (obscured), Seth, Heather, Natasha
Bohnanza: David, Heather (obscured), Josh, Seth, Natasha
TransAmerica: Stacey, Mel, Heather, Matthew (obscured), ?

MRS Dance, Bryndwr Baptist Church, 13 May 2004

Ballo del Fiore: Theuns, Nicola
Alison, Louise, ?, Karen
Kylie, Heather
Natasha, Vadim
Nicola, Glenn, ?, Theuns
Sonya, Peter, Josh
Theuns, Kylie, Nicola, Glenn, Josh (obscured), Alison?, ? (obscured)

Arthur Street Drinkies, 14 May 2004

T, Fluffi, Will, Luke
Theuns, Trond (obscured)
Luke, Daria
Frank cleans up a spill
Background: Mel
Stangebot, Poncho
The substance...
...and the drinker: Luke
Poncho (obscured), Robin, Chris
Daria, Stangebot
Dust, Robert, Gypzy
Frank falls over
Spectators: Theuns, Poncho?, Daria, Stangebot, T
Simeon, Fiona, Robin
Sass, Carolyn, ? (obscured)
The cleaning crew: Carolyn, Mel
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Phil, Sass, Simeon, Mel?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
A serious case of wandering eyebrow: Frank
Frank firked
Leon, Robin
Brian and the mystery camera
Background: ? (obscured), T, Will (obscured), Daria?
Seth, Robin, Jonty
Luke, Robin

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