November 9-12: Stonking Party of Glug, Kahu Road incident

Stonking Party of Glug, White Palace, 9 November, 2002

Simeon and Diana prepare the toys
Carolyn and her brother
Wayne and Steve
Trond, Amy?, Carolyn, Diana, Robert, Beast, Pip
JL, Tria, Oliver, Gary
Punch dispensary
Foreground: Ryan, Jenkins, ?Mike?, Dan, Steve (obscured)
Midground: ?, Trond, Gary, Oliver, ? (obscured), Nick, Wayne (obscured)
Background: Tria, Pip, ? (obscured), ?
Claire, Claire, Robert
? and Diana
Tess, Dust, Ozzy
Ryan, James, ?, Ricki
Michael and Sakura
Fluffi and Cutter
Nigel and Brian
Having a whale of a time: Kat, Diana, Carolyn
Mmmm, raw sheeep...Diana
Mary Anne, Carolyn, Trond. And Binky
Ryan (obscured), ?, Meredith, Claire
Waching the carnage: Trond, Kate, Hooch, Dan? (backgound), Duncan, ?, Hamish, Glenn, ?, Ozzy, ?, ?, ?, ?, Darcy
Exploding sheep
Hamish checks for signs of life
Lisa, Beast (obscured), Ozzy (obscured)
Foreground: Stacey, Amy?, Sarah?, Gary, Deirdre, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), James
Background: ? (obscured), Duncan, Dust, ?, Hooch?, Tess?, ?, ?
Cat and Dan
? (obscured), Claire, Duncan
Ryan and Jenkins
Background: ? (obscured), Deirdre (obscured), Gary, James
?, Nicole, ?, ? (head), Allie?, James, Dan
Stacey (obscured), Morbid, Amy, Sarah?, Dan, Beast, Al, Seth
Kat, Nigel, Gary
Damon and Claire
?, Bethany, ?
Carolyn?, Ozzy, ?, Seth, Bethany?, Robert, Lesley, ?, ?Mike?, Dan, Claire, Storm, Leon
?, Dust
?Nick?, Fluffi, Nicole, ?, ?, Amy?, Dan, Allie?, ?, ?
?, Storm, Morbid
? (obscured), Mary Anne, ?, Morbid, Darcy, Carolyn, Kat?, Stefan, Jonty, ?Ryan?, Glenn, ?
Dan, Fluffi, Diana?, Kate, Gary
Seth and Beast
Sakura and Glenn
Paula, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bethany

Kahu Road Incident, 11-12 November, 2002

Strange invaders
A veritable army!
Forming up for a fresh attack

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