December 15-22: Charlene's 21st, Euan's Christmas party, SCA archery tourney, Dollhouse at home, ritual at the ziggurat

Charlene's 21st, Plunkett Street, 15 December, 2000

Troy the gnome
Alex, Dennis, Ricky
Beast and Simeon. Marybeth in background.
Here's trouble... Marybeth and Keenie. Del in background.
Charlene and Alex
Erebus, Ricky (obscured), Charlotte, Josie, Charlene, Rebecca, Dennis
Mmmm, leather...
Heather, ?, ?, Del? (floor), Marybeth, Beast, John, Simeon, Rebecca, LX?
Dennis, a drunken Royce, Ben
Maybe it's not just the leather...

Euan's Christmas party, Puna Street, 16 December, 2000

Minna, Nicola, Belle
?, Dillon, Adele, Angela, Debra
Nicola and a bunch of newcomers
Chris, Tria, Euan, Dan, Jess, Garth, ?
Penny and James
Rebecca, Charlotte, Beast, ?
Claire and Linda
Mia, ?, Lisa, Josie
Al, Chris?, Trond, Schmoo, Jess, Garth, ?, Jenny
Waiting for presents: Karen, Trond, Schmoo, Angela, Adele (foreground), Cutter, Josie, Dillon, Tony, Rebecca, Simeon, Clare, ?, ? (foreground), Belle, Matt
Also waiting: Al, Dillon, Pip, ? (under hat), ? (foreground), ?, Jenny, Alan, ?, John, Cat, Nigel, Mia (obscured), Oliver, ?, Seth, Sharon
And in the middle: Tony, Rebecca, Adele, Dillon, Clare, ?, Belle, Matt, ?, Carla, Neil, Dan, Glen
Black Santa...
Popular toy. Foreground-ish: ?, Charlotte, Alan, ?, Jenny, ?, Kat, ?, Mia, Lisa, ?, ?. Background-ish: Min, Minna, LX, Jenny, Zane, Del, Lesley
Beast gets a beastie again: Glen, Beast, Dillon
Del, Lesley, Mia and bubbles
Min, Lesley, Rat, Nick, Beast
?, Angela
Tim, Carla, Neil

SCA archery tourney, Kirkwood Intermediate, 17 December, 2000

Non-archers: Roseinn, Emma, Phoebe, Del, Katharine, Michael, Aliena
Archers: Alexander, Iarnulf, Katharine (background), Ahmed, Michael (obscured), Danny
Bethany, Aaron, Iarnulf
Thorkell, Aaron, Michael, Iarnulf (obscured), Bragwyth
William Tell: Danny (obscured), Bragwyth, Ahmed, Alexander (background), Einar, Thorkell (background), Ialrnulf, Michael (obscured)
Minna departs :-(
Soft toy skewering...
Victims being prepared
Torturing toys again

Dollhouse open home, Auburn Avenue, 17 December, 2000

Amie, Jacob?, Seth, Sharon, Jess
Mostly relatives... Meredith's mother, Becs, ?, ?, ?, Rebecca's mother?, Jenny, ?, ?
Valerian and Becs
Sharon, Jess (obscured), Jacob?, Schmoo, Shoei, Joe, Tess
Fewer relatives: ?, Anna, ?, Pete, ?Penny?, Jenny, Charlene
Archers arrive: Sharon, Charlotte, Rebecca, Zane, Katharine, Jenny, Nicola
A cook! Beast, Simeon, Shoei
Donations to charity
Another cook -- Meredith and the present pile

Ritual at the ziggurat, Ilam Road and Hagley park, 22 December, 2000

Al, Chris, Tria
The high priest: Simeon
Just a normal gathering... Sebastian, Al, Tria, Jess (foreground), Chris, Dillon, Belle, John
...until out come the robes: Nicola, ?, Jenny, ?, Simeon, Al, Trond, Chris
Nicola and Jenny
Dedicating the ziggurat
Participants receive instructions: Jenny (obscured), Trond, Jess, Sebastian?, Al?, Chris, Tria, Dillon, ?, Simeon
Procession: Jenny, Nicola, Jess, Sebastian, Al, Chris, Tria, Dillon, Chris, ?, ?, Belle
Mouse, Karen, Andi, Simeon, John
Preparing for the sacrifice
Something goes wrong! The elder gods are angry!
The lurker in darkness: Shane
Final conclave: Jenny (obscured), Dillon, ?, Al, Tony, Trond, ?

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