1989: 48-hour Party, Madras Street

Today's KAOS agents will find only a few familiar faces in this collection; SCAdians may recognise a few more. These photos are all courtesy of Rat, though someone else obviously took some of them...

Mark and his elegant drinking vessel
?, Kenji, Andrew, ?, ?, ?
Rat and ?Matthew?
Unidentified people...
John and ?
Andrew, a moderate drinker...
Occles (or Mof) and ?
Andrew and Lynd
Andrew and Tania
Wulf and Fitz
?, Fitz, Kenji (obscured), Jules, ?Angus?, JL, Wulf, Diana, Mark, ?, ?, David?
Fitz, ?, Annette
Mark and Wulf?
Mof (or Occles)
Sleeping Bob
Wakeful Bob
? and Mark
Rat has always liked lingerie
Jeremy and Heather
Rat and ?
That ancient and forgotten KAOS tradition, the cluster fuck: Jules, Sean, ?, ?Belle?, ?, ?Barry?, ?, ?
More unidentified people
Vicki, Mark, Diana?, ?, Sharon, Martin
Vicki and Rat
?, Martin, Jules, Menolly
?, Tania, Jules
Kenji, Wulf, Mark
Mark, ?, ?
Still more unidentified people
Front: ?Angus?, Bart, Belle?, David
Centre: Phil, Stella, ?, Sharon, ?, Diana, Brat?, Nick, ?, ?, Vicki, Kenji, ?
Back: Jules, Wulf, JL, Sean, Craig Stanley?, Aaron?

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