May 20-June 6: Suva Street drinkies, the Trond's overseas drinkies, fire and icecream, games day, MRS Lindisfarne: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Suva Street Drinkies, 20 May 2005

Will, Daria
Mel (arm), Johnny? (very obscured), John
Will (foot), Daria, Leon
Theuns (foot), Claire, Phil (toe)
Jennifer, Mel, Johnny?
Johnny? (obscured), Diantha
Dave, Diantha, Theuns, Luke (hair), Claire, Jennifer, Will, Daria, Leon (obscured)
Jennifer (obscured), Luke, Mel
Brian, Luke (obscured)
Mel, Greg

The Trond's Overseas Drinkies, Greers Road, 21 May 2005

Todd, Amy (very obscured), Damon (obscured), Paula, Allanah, Theuns, Tony, Matthew, Eamon, Luci
Todd, Amy, Damon
Paula, Allanah, Theuns
Luci, Matthew
Charlene, Angela, Cutter
Tony (very obscured), Charlene, Hamish, Kirk (very obscured)
Brett, Todd
Dust, Chris, ? (very obscured), Amy, Charlene, Theuns, Damon, Dan (obscured), Amy, Tony, Matthew? (obscured), Kirk, ?Brian?, Jennifer
? (obscured), Tony, Brian
?Tony? (very obscured), Dan, Amy
It is an ex-chair! Hamish, Kirk
Funeral pyre: Hamish (fingers), John, Kirk
James, Hamish
Jennifer, Mel, Paula, James, Damon, Amy, Brett, Dust (obscured), Matthew, Hamish, Tony, Amy (extremely obscured), Chris, Charlene, Brian, Dan (obscured)
Mostly dead by now...
Tony, Brett
James (obscured), Claire, Gold, Todd (obscured)

Fire and Icecream, Waimairi Road, 27 May 2005

Josh, Theuns, Binky, Stacey, Claire, Rebecca, Gypzy
Amy, Dan

Games Day, Frankleigh Street, 29 May 2005

The collection
Caribbean: Steve, Claire, Robert
San Juan: Amy, Heather
Articulate: Amy, Gavin, Damon (obscured), Meredith, Matthew, Beast, Claire
TransAmerica: Robert, Amy, Schmoo, Stacey, Damon, Beast, Beth (obscured)
Primordial Soup: Heather, Josh, Damon
Stonewall: Schmoo, Amy, Stacey, Dust
Ticket to Ride: David, Claire, Joe, Beth, Amy, Gavin (obscured), Meredith (obscured)
Matthew, Danny, Amy, David
Attika: Robert, Beast, Joe
Alhambra: Gavin (obscured), Meredith, David, John, Amy, Amy? (elbow)

MRS Lindisfarne, Rimu Park, Saturday 4 June 2005

Belly-dancing class: Andrew, Josh, Kat, Shannon, Nicola
Dave, James
Leah, Dave (obscured)
Peter, Duncan
Peter, David, Sonya
Andrew, Kat, Josh, Shannon
Shannon, Nicola, Josh (obscured)
Schmoo (very obscured), Kylie (very obscured), Sonya, Peter
Rowena, Duncan, ?Andrew? (obscured), Dave, Josh, Tim, Amy? (obscured), Karen, Peter, Roland
Kylie, Peter, Sonya, Steve, David (obscured), Amy, Ruth (obscured), Vicki, Dust, Heather, Duncan, Rowena (obscured), Dave, Josh, Alison (obscured)
Karen (foot), Vicki, Roland (foot), Sasha (cloak)
Louise (obscured), ?, Peter
Karen, Roland
Schmoo's new hood
Fencing practice: Dave, Peter, ?, ?, ?, Josh? (background), David
Embroidery class: Sonya, Karen, Ruth, Nicola, Rowena?, James (obscured), Kylie, Louise, ? (very obscured)
Schmoo's micro-Mong
Vicki, Chris, Josh, Beast, Duncan, Heather, Peter, Amy (hand)
Embossing leather: Roland, ? (very obscured), Sasha (obscured), Andrew, Nicola, Rowena? (obscured), Kylie, Alison (hair)
Phil, Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Alison, Andrew, Leah, Tim, Peter, Louise, Duncan
Roland, Amy (obscured), James, Karen, Rowena, Peter, Nicola, Peter, Kylie, Andrew, Sonya (obscured), Peter, Dave
Sonya, Peter
Background: Peter, Rowena, ? (obscured), Andrew
Officers' Bransle: James, Karen, Roland, Kylie, Amy, Peter? (very obscured), Sonya, Rowena, Peter, Andrew, Nicola, Dave
Officers' Bransle: ?, Amy, Andrew, James, ? (obscured), Karen, Peter (obscured)
Merry, Merry Milkmaids: Kylie (obscured), Karen, Peter, Amy, Rowena, Roland, Dave
Amy, Sonya (obscured), Amy (obscured)
Photo courtesy of David
Photo courtesy of David
Josh (obscured), Amy? (obscured), James, Alison, Tim, Peter, Peter, Dust (Peter), Natasha, Sonya, Kylie, Roland, Sasha
Peter, Beast, Meredith, Nicola
Photo courtesy of Amy
Main table, clockwise from left: Dust (obscured), Heather, Amy, Sasha, Peter? (obscured), Alison? (obscured), Louise, Rowena? (obscured), Kylie (obscured), ?, Sonya (obscured), Peter
Others: Roland, ? (obscured), Tim
Clockwise from left: Jenny (obscured), Peter (very obscured), David, Ruth, Duncan, Andrew, Karen, Roland, James, Vicki
Photo courtesy of Amy
Dave, Duncan
Photo courtesy of Amy
Songs by candlelight: Amy? (obscured), James, Peter, Vicki, Amy, Seth, Josh, Phil, Heather, ? (foreground), ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Kylie
Steve, Schmoo (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Tim, Louise, Duncan, Sasha (obscured), Peter, ? (arm)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Natasha, Phil, Karen, Roland
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of David
Photo courtesy of David
David, Ruth, Karen, Roland, Peter, Sonya, Dave, Peter (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Dave (legs), Tim, Amy, Kylie, Peter, Amy, Phil, Duncan (background), Rowena, Seth, James
Photo courtesy of David
Tim pulls his nuts out of the fire
Background: David, Ruth

MRS Lindisfarne, Sunday 5 June 2005

Breakfast: Josh? (obscured), Peter, Andrew, Nicola, Amy, Ruth, Kylie? (obscured), David, James, Peter (obscured), Sonya, Amy, Dave, Duncan (obscured)
Peter, Peter
Dave, James
Amy, Jacqui, Peter
Amy, Kylie
?, Kylie, Jacqui, Peter? (obscured), Amy, Peter, James, Duncan, Seth
David builds a monastery
Erica, David, Vicki, Perry
David, Andrew? (obscured), Seth
Photo courtesy of Amy
Tablet weaving: David, Perry (obscured), Duncan, Vicki, Erica, Peter, Any, Ruth, David
Fancy pattens
Photo courtesy of Kylie
Sonya, Peter, Schmoo
Roland horrifies Karen
Background: ?, Dave, Schmoo, Josh, James, Duncan?
Photo courtesy of David
Jacqui, Peter, Alison
More tablet weaving: Jacqui, Kylie, James, Alison, Rowena, Peter, Vicki, Sonya
Photo courtesy of Amy
Josh, Peter
Photo courtesy of Amy
Seth, Amy
Photo courtesy of Amy
Tim, Kylie
Roland, David
Photo courtesy of Amy
Fire-making class: Amy, Vicki, Peter (obscured), Peter (very obscured), Phil, ?Tim?, Rowena, Andrew, Kylie, David (obscured), Seth, Duncan, Jacqui (obscured), James, Peter, Dave
Photo courtesy of Amy
My humble effort
James, Rowena? (obscured), Peter, Amy, Andrew, Amy, ?, ?, Perry, Erica, Vicki, David, Sonya (obscured), Phil, Peter, Seth, ? (head), Dave, Peter, Roland
Photo courtesy of Kylie
? (foot), ?, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Amy
James (obscured), Rowena, Peter, Josh
Nicola, Vicki, Peter, Sonya
Ruth briefs the marauding Viking raiders
Peter, Duncan (obscured), Rowena, Amy, Natasha, Vicki, Schmoo, James, Jacqui, Peter, David, Peter
The irascible smith: Peter, Jacqui, Andrew, James
Mysterious and unhelpful: Amy, Tim, Kylie
David, Peter, Dave, Karen
Talking to the thegn: David, Amy, Amy, Kylie, Jacqui, Peter, James
Josh, Alison, Ruth, Heather
The quiet end of the camp...for now...
The monastery's defender is outnumbered: Jacqui, Peter, Ruth, Roland, James
Peter (very obscured), Jacqui, James, ?, Roland
Giant Viking steals monastery! Peter
Ritual burning after pillaging
Some monasteries float
Peter, Jacqui? (obscured), Amy, ?, Rowena, ? (obscured), Seth, Sonya, Amy
Clockwise from front: Tim, Alison (obscured), Kylie, Sonya, Peter, Jacqui (very obscured), Peter (obscured), Josh, Nicola?, Andrew, James, Peter? (obscured), Leah
Peter, David, Vicki
Photo courtesy of Amy
Seth, Josh, Peter, Sonya, Peter, Heather, James, ? (head), Ruth, Peter, David, Amy (obscured), Andrew, Peter? (obscured), Erica? (very obscured), Roland, ?, Jacqui, Karen
Tim, Leah, Alison
Phil, Nicola
Photo courtesy of Amy
Andrew, Tim, Peter, Leah (obscured)
Photo courtesy of David
Ruth looks thoughtful...
Photo courtesy of David
Seth (obscured), Alison, Amy, Nicola, ? (obscured), Rowena, Vadim (obscured), Andrew, ? (very obscured), Roland, Peter
Jacqui, Karen, Rowena, Nicola, Peter, Roland, James, Andrew, Vicki, Amy, Kylie, Sonya, Peter (very obscured), Seth, Natasha, Amy, Peter, Vadim
Karen, Roland, Amy, Kylie, Peter, Jacqui (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Kylie
Tim, Leah, Alison, Josh, Peter
Photo courtesy of David
Peter, Tim, Josh, James, ? (obscured), Natasha, Vadim, Dave
Photo courtesy of Amy
Peter, Jacqui, Sonya, Vicki, Karen, Roland (vey obscured), Peter, Tim, Andrew, Alison
Photo courtesy of Kylie
Tim, James?, Vadim, Dave, Peter
Photo courtesy of Amy
Leah's dress is really doing the rounds... Andrew, Nicola
Photo courtesy of Kylie
Photo courtesy of Kylie
Background: Dave, Duncan, Amy, Phil
Photo courtesy of Kylie
Dave, Duncan, Amy, Phil, Peter
Photo courtesy of Kylie
Lack of stamina amongst the young: Duncan, Peter
Photo courtesy of Amy
Midnight snacks
Photo courtesy of David

MRS Lindisfarne, Monday 6 June 2005

Breakfast again: ?, Heather, Dave, Peter, James, Josh, Peter
A nice day at last
Behind the cushion fort: Leah, Alison
Amy, Sonya, Ruth, Alison, Leah, Peter (fingers)
Peter (obscured), Schmoo
David, Amy, Duncan, Dave, James
David, James, Dave, Duncan, Amy, Peter
James, Peter
Duncan, Dave, ?
Dave, David
Kylie, Amie
Photo courtesy of Kylie
Sling-staff and sling: Duncan, Rowena, James, Sonya, ?, Schmoo, Kylie, Andrew
Misfire: ? (obscured), Sonya, Rowena, James, Dave
Militant monk: Amy, Schmoo
Schmoo, James, Andrew
Amy tries the sling
Photo courtesy of Kylie

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