June 20-22: SCA Ildhafn Bloth and baronial investiture -- Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday, 20 June 2003 -- drinks at the Dog's Bollix

Rowena, Eleyne, Llewellyn, Kaspar, Lucrezia, Lorenzo, Duncan, Sanchia, William
Magnus, Asbjorn, Sanchia, Lorenzo, Nicodemus
The scroll: Lucas (obscured), Rowena, Duncan (obscured)
The audience: ? (obscured), Cornelius, Stefano, Inigo, Llewellyn, Nicodemus, Lorenzo, Mel, Ruadh
The recipient: Inigo (front), Kaspar, Eleyne, Lucas
? (obscured), Cornelius, Rowan, Duncan, Llewellyn, William (obscured), Magnus (obscured)
Nicodemus, Lorenzo, ? (background), Asbjorn, Lucrezia
Edward, Stefano
Before the spa: Rowena, Llewellyn, Cornelius
Aftermath: William, Duncan, Llewellyn, Rowena

Saturday, 21 June 2003 -- investiture and feast

Bruiser, Jenny (obscured)
? (obscured), Magnus, Jardine, Rowan, Giles, Llewellyn, Willehelm, Barrett (obscured)
Theresa (very obscured), Jenny, Nicodemus
Unsquiring: Asbjorn, Ulf, Alys
Rowan, Barrett, Lucas, Willehelm, Lorenzo, Cornelius
Eleyne, Kaspar (very obscured), Vytautas, Giles, Jenny (obscured)
Brewing and beseigery
Barrett (very obscured), Francesca, Del, Roger, Liz (obscured)
Erzebet, Liz, William, Roger (obscured), Llewellyn, Jardine, Ulf, Willehelm, Ruadh, Stefano, Tarquin Minas, Cornelius, Brian
Iseult, William
Eleyne, Kaspar
Llewellyn?, Mine, Vanessa
Sanchia, Alan (obscured), Roger, Jenny
Cornelius tries out the thrones
Lucrezia, ?
?, Lucrezia, Niamh
Assorted arts
Archery gear
? (very obscured), Benedict
Foreground: Alan, Barrett
Background: ?, Jenny, Benedict, Sanchia, Elena, Minas?, Liz, Morwynna, Brian
Del, Eleyne, Emrys, William
Bernard (obscured), Brighid, Thyra, ? (obscured)
Liz, Fulk, Roger
Angel (obscured), Rowena, Alys, ? (obscured), Duncan, Llewellyn (obscured), William (obscured)
Angel, ? (obscured), Francesca, Alys
William (obscured), Theresa, Del
The crowd gathers
Incoming herald: Giles
Their Majesties Morwynna and Cornelius
Caidan banner displayed one last time as Lochacian banner is brought in: Emrys (obscured), Cornelius, Duncan (obscured), Morwynna, Catalina, Mine, Lucrezia?, Iseult
Peers pay homage: Emrys (very obscured), Cornelius, Eleanora (obscured), Rowan, Sigurd, Catalina, Morwynna, Rowena, Stefano
Asbjorn becomes baron: Sigurd (very obscured), Giles, Ruadh, Brian (obscured), Cornelius, Lucas (obscured), Callum, Asbjorn, Fulk, Morwynna, Sanchia (obscured), William, Marienna (obscured), Catalina, Chrettienne,
Marienna becomes baroness: Ruadh, Cornelius, Lucas, Callum, Asbjorn (obscured), Morwynna, Fulk (obscured), Sanchia, Marienna, Catalina, William, Chrettienne, Theresa (very obscured)
Asbjorn, Marienna, Giles, Sigurd, Cornelius, Ruadh, Lucas, Callum, Morwynna
Populace talking to peers
Clockwise from front left: Sanchia, Rowena? (obscured), Fulk? (obscured, standing), Duncan, Erzebet, Nicodemus, Elena, Jenny, Sigurd, Eleanora, William, ?, ?, Asbjorn, Marienna, Cornelius, Morwynna, Brian, Stefano, Llewellyn, Rowan, Del
Geoffrey, Alex, Eleanor
Aaron, Jardine
Alana at the desk
Emma, Isobel, Rosalyn
Their Excellencies Asbjorn and Marienna
Background: Geoffrey, Eleanor, ?, Emrys, William (obscured)
Taking retainers: Liz, Asbjorn, Emrys (obscured), Ruadh, Theresa, Marienna, William, Giles, Kaspar (foreground), Iseult
Southron Gaard presentation: William, Giles, Callum, Asbjorn, Chrettienne, Marienna, Kaspar (foreground), Benedict, Iseult (obscured)
Ordo Cygni presentation: William, Giles, Liz (obscured), Ruadh, Duncan, Asbjorn, Sanchia, Theresa (obscured), Marienna, Kaspar (foreground), Benedict
Visitors from afar: Fevronia and Igor from Storvik
Brian, Francesca, Marcus, ?
Giles, Benedict
Royal relaxation: Catalina, Cornelius, Giles
Jonathon, Marienna, Stefano
Graeme, Chantal, ?
A soteltie: David, Geoffrey, Linuye, Del, Asbjorn, Marienna, Cornelius, Morwynna
A soteltie of the lands of Lochac and Caid
Ulf disguised as an olive tree
Rowan, Ulf, William, Marienna, William, Cornelius, Morwynna, Eleyne, Chrettienne, Callum, Alys (obscured)
Aaron?, Mine, Graeme, Vanessa (standing), ?, Gail, Tarquin Minas, Rowena
Sanchia? (obscured, foreground), Jonathon, Robyn, Marienna, Isobel, Kaspar, Elena, Giles, Cornelius, William (obscured), Morwynna, William (obscured)
Mine's AoA: Sanchia? (foreground, obscured), Asbjorn, Jonathon, Robyn, Marienna, Isolde, Mine, ? (obscured), Giles, William, Cornelius, Morwynna, William, Catalina
Lorenzo (background), Angel, Anna
Workers are thanked
Foreground heads: Alan, Sanchia
Workers: Duncan, Magnus, Jehenna, Estrid, Katherine, Beatriz, Iseult
Background: ? (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Rowena, Lorenzo? (very obscured), Kaspar, Bernard, ? (obscured), Emrys, Stefano, ? (obscured), Lucrezia, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Isobel?

Sunday, 22 June 2003 -- rapier challenge, heavy tournament

?, Fulk
A challenge announced: Del, Giles, Emrys?, Duncan
Rowena, Morwynna, Marienna
Kaspar, Anthea, Muirenn, Liz, ? (obscured), Roger, Bernard, Iseult, Francesca, Alan, Vanessa, Aaron, Alys, Madeleine, Estrid?, Lucrezia, Lorenzo, Asbjorn, Nicodemus?, Alana
Challenge accepted: ?, Llewellyn, Bernard, Asbjorn, Francesca (obscured)
William displays his weapons
Background: Alan (obscured), Vanessa, Aaron, Alys, Madeleine (obscured), Fulk, Lucrezia (obscured), Lorenzo, Rowan (obscured)
Kaspar (very obscured), Del, Anthea, Muirenn, Liz, Roger, William, ?, Asbjorn (obscured)
Morwynna, Marienna, Del, Giles, Duncan, William
Frotty Herald in action: ? (obscured), Giles, Duncan (obscured), Catalina, Llewellyn, Cornelius
Stretchy leather fighter: Carlos, Alessandra
Side-sword demo: Del, Cornelius, Fulk
Cornelius, Fulk, Duncan, Del, Thorkell
Cornelius, Morwynna, Angel, Mine, Giles
Marcus (very obscured), Callum (very obscured), Chrettienne, Alana, Fulk (background), Beatriz (obscured), Willehelm bearing Inigo's helm
William (obscured), Asbjorn, Ruadh, Willehelm, Marienna, ? (obscured)
Asbjorn, Ruadh, Marienna, William, ? (obscured)
Lunch: Rowena, Angel, Niamh
Ruadh, Sigurd, Willehelm, Graeme, Fulk
Tarock: Lorenzo, Duncan, Del, Llewellyn, Giles
Emrys, Benedict, Asbjorn, Ruadh, Sigurd, Willehelm, Magnus, Callum, Graeme, Barrett
Laura, Maria, Brian, Eleyne
Foreground: ?, Vanessa, Nick
Background: Rosalyn, Benedict, Chrettienne, Ruadh, Marienna?, Asbjorn, Elena, Rowan, Brian

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