July 27-August 3: Election drinkies, Alex's birthday, SCA Reannag Fhara Anniversary, '80s party

Election drinkies, the Dollshouse, 27 July, 2002

The miracle of the chips and fishes: Steve, Lisa, Andre, Ashes, Rebecca, Leon, Storm
Leon (obscured), JL, Belle, Jenny, Brian, Stefan, Brent, Rebecca, ?, Meredith, Lisa
Belle (very obscured), Brent, Brian, Trond, Jenny, Tony, Rebecca, James, ?

Alex's birthday, Clyde Road, 29 July 2002

Greg, Brent, Diana, Fiona
The keg goddess: Fluffi, Paula, Mary Anne, Tinks, Diana
Fiona and Mary Anne
Ceremonial mammary display: Nigel, Mary Anne, Tinks, ?Brent? (obscured), Greg, Diana
The toast: Al, Fiona, Brent, Diana, ? (obscured), Brian (obscured), Mary Anne (arm)
Troy, Ricki, Keenie, Paula
Troy, Cat

SCA Reannag Fhara Anniversary, St Barnabas' Church Hall, 3 August 2002

Possibly the last Reannag Fhara event of all. More photos coming when Bartholomew empties his memory card.

Kitcheners: Muirenn, Steven, Lesley, ?Michelet?, Bethany, Thorkell

'80s party, Mays Road, 3 August 2002

Carolyn, ?, ?
Mary Anne and Ashes
Ozzy (obscured), Matson
Bethany and Mia compare cellphone technologies
Starz, ? (obscured), Kirk (obscured)
Dan, Brian, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Matson, Starz, Steve
Fluffi, Chris, Angie
Background: Brian?, ?, ?, Matson, Kirk?
Simeon, Tony (obscured), Kat
Josh, ?, ?, ?, James
Mia (very obscured), Andrew, Amy
Rebecca, Fluffi (near-invisible), Morbid and his new shirt
?, Diana, Tony?
James and Pixi
Ozzy, Beast, Amy (and Kat and Simeon under the rug)
Charlene and Duncan
Unknown people
Fired! Nicola and Mary Anne
? (obscured), Zane, Jenny (obscured), ? (obscured)
Sonya and Seth
Paula and Nick
Fridge and Rebecca
Sophie and Morbid
Jonty, ? (obscured), Tony
Diana (obscured), ? (obscured), Shekinah
Starz, ?, Pixi, Shekinah, Kat, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden

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