February 27-March 4: Smokers Cafe, Otago first meeting and party, Canberra first party, Laser Force, Andre and Schmoo's party, clubs day, Frankleigh Street drinkies

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Smokers Cafe, UCSA, 27 February 2004

?, Simeon (obscured), Celia, Fiona?, Duncan (obscured), Vania, Mel, Paula, Matthew, Sakura, Hamish, Nick, Tony, Caleb, Theuns, Heather (very obscured)
Tony (obscured), Hamish, Vania, Fiona?, Amy, Tria, Nick, Mel, Simeon, James, Charlene

Otago First Meeting, OUSA's Evison Lounge, 27 February 2004

Maria (obscured), Cameron, Meg?
Background: Cameron, Chloe (obscured)
?, ?, ?, Jeanie, ?, Telisia, Joe, ?, Tobias, Simeon, Thomas, Heather, ?, Gareth, ?
The politburo: Miche, Cameron, Maria, Shannon, Chloe
?, ?, ? (obscured), Jeanie, Joe, Telesia, ?, Tobias, Thomas, Gareth, ?, ? (obscured)

Otago First Party, Toast, 27 February 2004

Gareth, Miche
Joe, Thomas
Daniel, Cameron, Simeon
Chloe, David?, Daniel, Maria
Heather, Simeon, Gareth? (foreground), Meg, Cameron, Chloe
Gareth, Chloe, Maria, Leggy, Miche? (foreground), Tia, Meg
Shakers all round... Meg, Colin, Joe, David?, Gareth (foreground), Daniel, Tobias, Miche
Meg, Colin, Chloe (obscured)
Unfortunately, the flames on this Flaming Lamborghini aren't visible... Tia (obscured), ? (obscured), Mike
Tia, Katrina

Canberra First Party, Australia, 27 February 2004

Zane, Oliver, Alice
Photo courtesy of Zilch
Jess, Rachel, Rachael
Photo courtesy of Zilch
?, Daniel, Gold, ?, Rob (obscured), Alice (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Zilch
Rob, Alice, Tina
Photo courtesy of Zilch
Alice, Rob, Alice
Background: ?, Daniel, Gold
Photo courtesy of Zilch
Jenny, Aimee, Krissy, Sarah (knees), Lochlan, Greg
Photo courtesy of Zilch
Zane, Rachel, Greg, Oliver, Jenny
Photo courtesy of Zilch

Laser Force, Dunedin, 28 February 2004

Joe, ?, David?, ?, Simeon, ?, Miche, ?, Colin
? (obscured), Colin, Miche
?, ?
?, ?
?, Gareth

Andre and Schmoo's Party, Dollshouse, 28 February 2004

Beast, Schmoo, Binky, David, Meredith
Photo courtesy of Evan
Beast and a beastie
Rebecca, Amy
Background: ?, Celia, Nick?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
? (very obscured), Mel
Martuccio, Fiona, Dan
Matthew, Fiona, Allanah, Dawn
Amy (obscured), Evan, Laura
Photo courtesy of Marsden
John, Dan
Haz, Karl, Fiona, Storm, Glenn, Mel, William, Schmoo, Celia, Matthew
Karl, ?
Ashes, Caleb, Adam, Mel
John (very obscured), Mia, Aaron
Laura, Andre
Amy, Robert
William, Nick, Dawn (obscured), Haz, Fiona, Allanah (obscured)
Karl (obscured), Liz, Hooch (obscured), Karen
Shannon, Storm
Background: James?, Allanah, Dawn
Luke, ?, ?
James, Tony
Liz, Carolyn, Andre, Leon, Laura, Fiona, Mia, Aaron, Amy, Amy? (obscured)
Karen, Hooch, John
? (hand), Caleb (obscured), Emma, Tria
Danny, Jess, Carolyn, Tony, Karl (obscured)
? (obscured), Al, Vanessa, Schmoo (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
? (obscured), ?, ? (very obscured), Sebastian, ?, Sarah, Dawn (obscured), Allanah, ? (elbow)
Photo courtesy of Evan
Carl, Andre
Photo courtesy of Evan
Amy, Seth
Photo courtesy of Evan

Clubs Day, UCSA (mostly), 3-4 March 2004

MRS desk: Amy, ?, Peter? (very obscured), Roland, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Pagans: Josh, Storm, Mia
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Heather, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
KAOS: Trond? (very obscured), ?, ?, Tony, Chris, Chris, Mel, Amy, Sass, Sakura
Jenny, Amy
Chris, Celia, Leon
Cev, Roland, Sonya
New agent: Amy, ?
?, James, ? (obscured), Liz, ?, ?, Sakura, Scarecrow
?, Liz, ?, Sonya
Background: unknown
Andre (obscured), Josh, Laura
Chris (obscured), Mel, Duncan, Chris (obscured)
? (obscured), Dan, Peter
Chris (obscured), Ashes, Theuns, Mel
Background: unknown
Cat, Amy, Rebecca, Cody
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Dictatorial paperwork
Background: unknown
Background: unknown
Peter, Natasha, Amy, Kylie, ?, ?
How very odd...
Amy, Mary Anne, Sonya (obscured), Peter, Roland
Meredith, ?Captain?, ?, ?

Frankleigh Street Drinkies, 4 March 2004

Belle, Al
Duncan, Charlene
Helen, Jenny, Jenny (obscured)
Martuccio (obscured), Danny, Belle
Danny (obscured), Morbid
Duncan, Al, Jenny, Morbid, Belle, Heather, Carolyn
Charlene (obscured), Amy, Chris

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