April 13-May 4: SCA Easter camp, Teri's 21st, Dillon's farewell drinks

SCA Easter Camp, Rimu Park Scout Camp, 13 April 2001

Head cooks: Therese and Adele

Teri's 21st, the Bordello, 13 April 2001

Farewell to the Crown: Julie, Johnny, Diana, Teri, Scarecrow
Jason assists me in photographing Becs
Pixi and ?
The cake
Streamers: Daniel, Glen, ?, Teri, ?,
Theuns and Trond
Robert and Daniel
Ashes and her special bottle of port
Looking out the window: Lesley, Tony, Al?, Chris?, Robert, Alex, Fridge, ?, Kirk, Daniel (foreground). Theuns and Trond on couch.
Lisa, Fluffy, Rebecca
Dillon and Simeon
Becs hides behind Brendon
Johnny, Daniel
Richard and Oliver
Danny. Daniel and Richard in background.
Karl and Teri
Birthdays this week: Spud, Teri, Morbid, Alex (an impostor), Troy, Andrew

Belle's new cats, Kahu Road, 21 April 2001

Nutkin and Motley

Peer Street drinkies, 27 April 2001

Dan and Pip

Dillon's Farewell Drinkies, Bentleys, UCSA, 4 May 2001

Dillon settles in for the evening
Early arrivals: Jacqui (obscured), Tony, Ulfric, Fluffy, Mouse, Jenny, Ben (hiding), Scarecrow
Dennis and Alex
Foreground: Scarecrow's and Becs's heads. Center: ?, ?, Spud, Mary Anne, Storm, Dennis, Jenny, Leon, Nigel, Ben. Back left: ?, Jarrod, ?, Darcy
Becs, Jarrod, Dillon, ?
Leon, Alex, Tony
Front table: ? (obscured), Nigel, Storm, ?, MaryBeth, Mary Anne. Back table: Jacqui, Ulfric, Jenny, ?Mouse?
Dillon, Jenny, Brent

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