April 28-May 6: Kahu Rd drinkies, Puriri St barbecue, KAOS vs Cthulhu Cultists, Cthulhu Mythos party, multi-event party

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Kahu Road Drinkies, 28 April 2000

Early arrivals: John, Fitz, Anthony (foreground), Nick, Danny, Debra, ? (obscured)
Schmoo's room: Mary Anne, Glenn, Beast, Schmoo
Annette, Picasso, Tess, Danny, Shoei, John, Traci, Leslie, ? (obscured)
Live Tess, dead Shoei
Picasso strangles Phil
Mary Anne, Belle, Schmoo

Puriri St Barbecue, 30 April 2000

Beth makes vodka jelly
Belle, Luke, Zane
The new barbecue: Vernon, Bastian, Jo?, Robyn
The grinning man: Zane (background), Simeon, Dave (obscured)

KAOS vs Cthulhu Cultists, UCSA Amphitheatre, 5 May 2000

Beginning to gather in the LCR: LX, ?, Ivan, ?, Murray, ?, ? (standing), Julie, Schmoo, Cat, Rebecca, Lisa, Leonie, Hooch
Weapons begin to emerge: LX, Schmoo, Leonie, Lisa, Hooch, ?, Murray, ? (background), ?, ?, Ivan (obscured), ?, Erebus, ?Tony? (foreground), Andrew (obscured)
Very silly weapons... ?, Ivan, ? (obscured), Murray, Leonie (extremely obscured), LX, Schmoo, ?
Numbers grow... Leonie, Dillon, Murray, Schmoo, Katharine, ?, Lisa (obscured), Darcy, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?Tony?, Erebus, Ivan, ?, Andrew
Briefing: Lesley, Nicola (obscured), ?, John, ?, Dillon, Traci, Andrew, Lisa, ?, Cody?, Michael (back), Schmoo?, Simeon?, ?, Matthew?, Tony?, ?, John, ? (foreground), Duncan (obscured), ?, Julie, Charlene, Erebus, James, ?, Darcy?, ?, Jason?
Cultists march: Hamish, Daniel, ?, ?, ?, Dillon, Robyn
KAOS arms... ?, Traci (obscured), John, ?, ?, Cat, Erebus?, ?
Cultists enter the amphitheatre: Robyn, Dillon, Simeon?, ?, Duncan (obscured), Cody?, ?, John?, Daniel, Hamish, Michael
KAOS arrives via the cafe: Morbid, John, Julie, ?, Erebus, Charlene, ?, ?...
Cultists on one side: Daniel, Duncan?, John, Dillon, Schmoo, Hamish, Michael, Cody?, ?, Simeon
And KAOS on the other: Julie, ?, Lisa, Morbid, Erebus, Traci, ? (obscured), Andrew, Rebecca (obscured), ?, Matthew, ?, Charlene, ?, Cat, ?, John, ?, ? (obscured), Darcy, ?
Battle is joined: Simeon, Katharine, Darcy, ?, ? (obscured), ?, John, ?, Cat, Charlene, ?, ?, ? (obscured), Julie, ?, Erebus, Lisa (obscured), Matthew, Andrew, Traci, Rebecca, ?, ?, ?
Bodies litter the ground: ? (dead), Darcy, Daniel (very obscured), John? (dead), Katharine, Simeon?, Cat, ?, Erebus, ? (dead), Andrew (dead), Michael, ? (dead), ? (dead), ?, ? (dead), Charlene, Julie, ? (dead)
Secret identities revealed: John, Hamish, Schmoo, Michael
Dillon holds the banner
Daniel the tentacled monstrosity inspires the troops
Bemused audience looks on...
Fighting rages: Darcy, ?, ? (dead), Daniel, Dillon (obscured), Cat, Andrew? (dead), John, ?, ?, Charlene, ? (dead), Michael, ? (obscured), Cody?, ? (dead), Erebus, ? (dead), ?, ?, ?
A shoggoth arrives: Daniel, John
The sacrifice is complete: Duncan, Simeon?, ? (very obscured), Dillon?, ?
Media contingent: Nicola, Robyn, Lesley, Ivan, Katharine
Shoggoth ravens and slays: Andrew, ?, Schmoo, ?, Michael, ?, John, ? (obscured)
And afterwards, even evil cultists like a cold beer... Dillon, Teri, Duncan

Cthulhu Mythos Party, Labyrinth, 5 May 2000

Fewer photos than expected due to being distracted by events and not wanting to annoy the emergency services...

Mel, Heather
Swirling wombat
Gargoyle on the wall: Dennis?
Ben, Belle
Andrew, Anthony?
It's that look again! Tony?, Meredith, Tim, Angie, Cat, Oliver, Euan?, JL
Matching hair and shirt... ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Meredith, ?, Keenie
Nicola, Simeon, Neil (very obscured)
Mysterious figure: Peter?, Bastian
Blocking the door: Alan, ?, ?, Hooch, Morbid
?, Keenie, ?, ?Stuart?, Dillon, Josh (foreground), Scarecrow, ?, ?, JL, ? (background), Rebecca, Tim, ?, ?, ?, Euan?, ?, ? (very obscured)
Keenie, Dillon, ?, Scarecrow, ? (background), Caleb
Meredith, Ben, ? (obscured), Garth?, Trond, ?, Hadley, ?, Colin, ?, ?, ?, Caleb, ?
?Zane? (very obscured), ?, Andrew, Peter, John, Picasso?, John?, Oliver, Chris, ? (background), JL, Leslie, Fluffi, ? (background), ?Nick?, Robert, ?, Gold, ? (very obscured)
Ambulance lights...
Dave, Robyn, Bastian (obscured)

Multi-event Party, Elizabeth Street, 6 May 2000

Vanessa's bondage bears
Birthday girl: Lubie, Josh
Robyn, Zane, Lubie (obscured), Simon, Bastian, ? (obscured)
Discipline: Jo, Bastian (obscured), Robyn
Robyn and her toys
Lesley, Erin, Vanessa, Andrew, ?, ?
Phil, Pania, Sebastian
?, ? (obscured), Anthony, Andrew (very obscured), Daniel (obscured)
Foreground: ?, Andrew, Josh, ?Robbie?, Garth
Background: ?, ?, ?, Beast?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
The tired bunch: Keenie, Robert, Tony, ?, Trond, Sebastian
Duncan, Del, Leslie
Charlene, Ben
Dan's pants get ignored: Dan, Alex, Salena
Dan, Pip, Lubie (obscured)
? (obscured), Lubie

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