November 27-28: Al and Melissa's Wedding: ceremony, the Dux, reception, next day

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The Ceremony, Stone Chamber, 27 November 2004

Duncan guards the door
Amy, Charlene
? (foot), Phil, John, Lois
Photo courtesy of Jason
Jo, Rachel
Photo courtesy of Jason
Peter (obscured), Nick
Oliver, Martuccio, Richard
Rona, Mary, Graeme, Stewart
Belle, Matthew, Mary (obscured), Cat (obscured), Vanessa, Lois (obscured), Stacey, David, Amy, John, Teresa (obscured), Charlene, Theuns, Annette (very obscured), Danny
Yvonne, Peter, Jo (obscured), Simone, Rachel, Bastian, Beast (obscured), Nick, Dillon, Meredith, Jason, David, Jennifer, Helen (very obscured), JL (very obscured), Richard, Oliver, ? (very obscured), Fiona
Dan, Al, Duncan, Mouse, Steve
Waiting... Al, Dan, Duncan, Mouse (very obscured)
Fiona, Melissa, Quinn
At the altar: Melissa, Graeme, Al
The rings have been applied: Melissa, Graeme, Al
Kissing the bride: Melissa, Al
Melissa, Al, Graeme
Graeme, Becky (head), Melissa
Becky (obscured), Melissa, Graeme, Al
Signing the register: Melissa, Maggie
Wendy, Melissa, Maggie, Al
Mary, Donovan, Rona
Wendy? (hand). Melissa, Al, Dan (obscured)
Oliver, Fiona, Al, Melissa, Stewart, Matthew
Theuns, Dillon (obscured), Spike, Charlene, Jo, ? (very obscured), Mary, David? (obscured), Matthew, Lois, Bastian, Robbie, Hannah (obscured), Keith, Rona, Helen? (very obscured), John (very obscured), Duncan? (very obscured), Annette, Mary, Teresa, Becky, Donovan, Graeme (obscured), Steve, Quinn?, Stewart, ? (obscured), Benedict
Maria, Matthew, Yvonne, Peter, Martuccio (obscured), Belle, Josephine, Madeleine, Maggie, Tony (obscured), Wendy, Benedict, Melissa, Hannah, Al (obscured), Keith, Bastian (obscured), Charlene, Jo, Cat, Rachel, Spike, Dave, Amy (very obscured)
Simone, Rachel (obscured), Steve, Bob, Nick, Jen, Robbie
Photo courtesy of Jason
Teresa, Rachel, Jo, Donovan, Mary, Duncan, Benedict, Spike
Yvonne (obscured), Peter, Helen, Dan, Duncan, Martuccio, Becky, Rona, Belle, Graeme (obscured), Stewart (obscured), Keith, Hannah, Teresa, Donovan, Tony, ?, Bastian, Dave, Matthew, Spike (obscured)
Duncan and Dan, the deviant duo
Photo courtesy of Jason
Benedict (arm), Josephine, Martin. Maggie (obscured), Madeleine? (head)
Dillon, Benedict (very obscured)
Lining them up to shoot them: Mouse, Graeme, Simone, Maggie (obscured), Rachel, Mary, Keith (foreground), Josephine, Quinn, Becky (obscured), Steve, Yvonne (obscured), Lois, Wendy, Peter, Annette, Hannah (foreground), Jason, John, Donovan, Jo, ?Helen? (extremely obscured), Duncan, Rachel, Tony, Mary (foreground), Jennifer, Martuccio, Rona, Seth, Richard
Matthew, Nick, Madeleine?, BJ (obscured), Rona, ? (obscured), Martin, ? (obscured), Mary, Robbie (obscured), Jen (obscured), Josephine, ?Seth? (obscured), Maggie (obscured), Wendy, Danny?, Melissa, Richard? (obscured), Becky (obscured), Al, Dan, Dillon? (obscured), Steve, ? (obscured), Mouse, Duncan, ? (obscured), Yvonne, Peter (obscured), Amy, Graeme, ? (obscured), Jo, Hannah? (very obscured), Rachel, Keith, Stewart, Tony? (obscured)

Interlude at the Dux Delux, 27 November 2004

Dillon, Seth
Clockwise from left: BJ, Matthew, Dillon (obscured), Seth (obscured), Richard, Charlene, Jason, Amy, Fiona

Reception, Christchurch Music Centre, 27 November 2004

Belle, Becky
Setting the tables: Jennifer (background), Rona, Cat, Annette, Steve, Rachel, Amy, Theuns?, Mary, Charlene
Stacey, Matthew
Belle and her cakes
A balanced personality: Robbie, Charlene
Photo courtesy of Jason
Becky, Mary, Lois, Mary
Peter, Yvonne, Hannah, Keith
Background: ? (obscured), Lois, Mary, Becky, Benedict
Dan chatting up a bridesmaid: Wendy, Dan
Al, Melissa
Duncan, Helen
Vanessa, Diantha, Dan (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
JL, Vanessa (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
Singers: Bastian, Jennifer, Helen, Duncan, Jo, Belle
? (foot), Annette (obscured), John, Matthew, Mouse (obscured), Becky, Jason, JL, Benedict, Simone (obscured), Rachel (hand), ? (obscured), Robbie, Bob (very obscured), Nick, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Richard, Matthew (obscured), Graeme, BJ (obscured), Dave?, Danny, Dillon, Melissa, Spike
Seth (obscured), Danny, Martuccio (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
Table 4: Charlene, Amy, Cat, Spike, Quinn, Belle. The noisy ones.
Foreground: Matthew
Ready for dinner: Matthew (obscured), Martuccio, Peter, Seth (obscured), JL, Yvonne (obscured), Benedict, Danny (obscured), Jason (obscured), Matthew, Bob, Fiona, Chris, Stacey, Nick, Richard, Robbie, Teresa, Theuns, Rachel, ?Oliver?, Dillon, Jo
High table: Josephine, Wendy, Melissa, Al, Mouse, Dan
Groundlings: Robbie, Simone (obscured), Theuns, Richard, Rachel (obscured), Nick, Stacey, Yvonne, Peter, Bob, Matthew (obscured), Benedict, Mary, Fiona (very obscured), Oliver, Graeme, Matthew, Becky (very obscured), Lois (obscured), Danny, Rona, Annette, John, Hannah, Martuccio, Duncan, Amy (very obscured), Diantha (obscured), Jason, Keith, JL, Helen (obscured), Belle, Charlene (obscured), Dave, Seth, Vanessa, Rachel, Quinn, Cat (obscured), Spike, Martin (obscured)
High table: Maggie, Josephine, Wendy, Melissa, Al, Dan, Mouse (obscured), Duncan (obscured), Steve (obscured)
Table 7: Jo, Theuns, Richard, Dillon, Robbie, Jen
Background: ? (obscured), Helen, Steve, Amy, Jennifer (obscured), Teresa, Charlene, Benedict, Cat, Nick, Bob, Martuccio, Spike, Belle (obscured), Danny, JL, Seth, Fiona, Rachel (obscured), Oliver, Jason
Table 5: Stacey, Rachel, Matthew, Simone, Benedict, Bob, Teresa, Nick
Background: Dave, Vanessa, BJ, John (obscured), Annette, Madeleine?, Matthew, Helen (obscured), Martin, Steve, Jennifer, Amy, Charlene, Cat, Spike, Martuccio, Quinn, Belle, JL, Danny, Seth
Table 3: Mary, Peter, Lois, John, Yvonne, Annette, BJ, Matthew
Background: Duncan, Mary, Hannah, Keith, Dave, Vanessa, Madeleine, Diantha, Meredith, Martin, Helen, Maria (obscured), Jennifer, Oliver, Steve, Charlene, Amy, Cat
Table 0: Maggie (very obscured), Josephine, Wendy, Melissa, Al, Dan, Mouse, Duncan
Table 1: Rona, Graeme, Duncan, Becky, Mary, Hannah (obscured), Keith (obscured)
Cutting the cake: Mouse, Duncan, Al, Melissa
Table 2: Helen, Diantha, Jennifer, Madeleine, Vanessa, Martin
Others: Charlene, John, Lois, Cat, Becky, Graeme, Hannah, Rona, Keith, Duncan, Mary, Josephine, Maggie
The groom speaks: Wendy, Melissa, Al, Dan
Heads: Keith, Mary, Helen, Charlene, Vanessa, Jennifer?, ?
Photo courtesy of Jason
Cooks and DJ: Beast, Mereith, David, John
Table 6: John, Rachel, Jason, Oliver, Fiona, JL, Danny
Background: Steve, Mary, Graeme, Hannah, David, Becky, Keith, Robbie, Martin, Vanessa, Diantha? (obscured), Dillon, Meredith, ? (obscured), Dave, Jo, Belle, Yvonne, Peter, Nick (obscured)
High Table: Maggie (obscured), Josephine, Wendy, Dan, Melissa, Al
Groundlings: Rona (obscured), Graeme, Becky, Peter, Mary, Duncan, Yvonne, Hannah, Mary, Lois, Keith, Rachel, BJ, Stacey, Simone, John, Mouse, Annette, Vanessa, Matthew, Helen, Matthew, Maria, Teresa, Jennifer (obscured), Amy, Charlene, Benedict, Bastian, Jo, Nick, Bob, Cat, Martuccio, Spike, Belle, Theuns, Quinn, Danny, JL, Fiona, Seth, Richard, Oliver (obscured)
Maggie, Josephine, Wendy, Dan, Rona (foreground), Melissa, Al, Graeme? (head)
Dissecting the groom's cake: Al, Duncan, Josephine (obscured)
Robbie, Dillon, Rachel, Bastian, Jo
Cake: Lois (obscured), Steve, John (obscured), Annette, Josephine, Maggie (obscured)
Rings: Melissa, Al
Yvonne, Becky, Annette (foreground), Peter, Rona, Graeme, John, Keith, Lois, Hannah, ? (head), Mary
Mugging a cook... Meredith, Oliver
Charlene, Martuccio
Cat, Vanessa (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Jason
Vanessa, Theuns
Photo courtesy of Jason
Duncan, Dave
Rona, Quinn
Melissa, Al
Graeme, Becky, ? (background), Dan, Benedict (obscured), Charlene (obscured), Wendy, Matthew, BJ
Wendy, Belle (obscured), Melissa, Martuccio, Dan?, Al
Belle (obscured), BJ, Steve (obscured), Matthew, Annette? (obscured), John?, Vanessa, Mouse, Charlene, Amy, Benedict (obscured), Beast, Oliver? (obscured), Jason
Dave, Dan, Al, Steve, Seth?
Mouse, Duncan, Steve, Dan, Al
Photo courtesy of Jason
Nice tattoo: Rona, Vanessa (arm), Charlene (obscured)
Background: Beast, Oliver? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Meredith gets the bouquet: Beast (obscured), Helen, Richard, Amy, Steve, Vanessa, Meredith, Josephine, Oliver, Dan, Rona
Preparing to throw the garter: Al, Melissa
Belle, Duncan, Dan, Dillon, Amy, Vanessa, Oliver, Jason, Benedict, Mouse
Dan, Hannah Mary, Belle, Annette, Rona (obscured), Dillon, John (obscured), Beast, Becky, Amy, Matthew, Graeme, Josephine, Maggie, Vanessa, Benedict, Wendy, ? (obscured), Teresa, Oliver? (obscured)

The Next Day, Peverel Street, 27 November 2004

Unwrapping the gifts: Rona, Graeme, Duncan, Al, Melissa
Jennifer, Steve
BJ, Matthew, Al, Mouse, David, Vanessa, Meredith
Mary, Rona, Beast (obscured), Melissa, Becky, Charlene
Vanessa, Al, Melissa, Winston, Graeme
Fencers: Martuccio, Matthew, Benecict, Mouse

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