June 12-21: LCR, gothic vampire party, Trond and Carolyn's engagement party, terrorist party

LCR, 12 June 2003

Liz, Bela, Hamish, Mel
Photo courtesy of Marsden

Gothic Vampire Party, Gladson Ave, 13 June 2003

Face from the past: Eamon
Eamon, Phil
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Fran, Jacqui
Diana, Nick
Sarah, ?, Amy (arm)
Angela, Tinks
Tinks, Carolyn, Sarah, Martuccio
Belle, Fran, Tian, Claire
Daniel, ?
Angela, Michael
?, Kate, Bethany
Binky, Mary Anne
Robert, Kaye
Fiona, Mel
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Binky, Belle
?, Michael
Beast (very obscured), Karen (obscured), Mike, Rebecca, Martuccio
Gary, ? (obscured), Adam, ?, ?
?Daniel?, Cat
Nick, Sakura, ? (obscured)
A lurking Greg
Nick, Fluffi
Making a break for it: Caleb (obscured), Adam, Eamon? (obscured), Lawn-boy Brett
?, Josh, Gypzy
Dennis, Ktn, Caleb, Mike, Adam
Tony, ?
Dan, Kate
Al, ?, Ozy
? (obscured), ?Robert? (foreground), ? (obscured), Luke, Tinks, Mel, ?, Rebecca, Carolyn, Fiona, Meredith (foreground), ? (obscured), , Tony, David (obscured)
Glenn, Keenie
Keenie, ? (obscured)
Cutter (obscured), Morbid
Lisa, Leith
Simeon, ? (obscured), Sass, Tinks, Mary Anne, ?, Nick, Carolyn, Nick?
Daniel (obscured), Shekinah, Amy, Luke, Gary, Sakura, Andre, Lisa, Dennis, Lisa, Fran (foreground), Binky, Matthew, Robert, Josh, Fiona
Amy, Andre?
Andre, Danny
?, Sass
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Rebecca, Matson
Belle, Martuccio
?, ?, Chris
Neil, ?
?, Trond
?, ?, ?, ?
Scarecrow, Michael
William, Fran, Leon
?, Jonty
Mel, Angela, Bela
?, Nick, Binky
?, Mel, Daniel, Cat? (foreground), ?, Liz
?, ?, Liz, ?Angela?
Theuns, Amy, Phil
Matthew, Traci, John
Caleb, Erin, Cat, Andrew
Nick (obscured), Lisa
Hamish, Matt
Liz, Leon, Storm, Tony?
?, Angie, ?
Fluffi, Matson, ?, ? (obscured), Josh, Amy
?, Bela
Becky (obecured), Kate
Photo courtesy of Marsden
?, Angie
Photo courtesy of Marsden

Trond and Carolyn's Engagement Party, St James Ave, 14 June 2003

Shot attempting to escape: Sass, Gypzy, ?
Dennis?, ?, Amy, Leon, Angela, ?, Storm
Al, Carolyn?, ?
Background: ?, ?, ?
Todd, ? (obscured), ?, Angela, Matson (foreground), ?, Fluffi, ?, Mary Anne, Simeon, Ashes, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Chris?, Amy?
Andrew, Chris
Erin, ?
?, ? (very obscured), ?, Becky, Rebecca, ?, Carolyn, Angela (obscured), Amy, Kate
Diana, Simeon, Brian, JL
Paula, Hamish
Zane, Mary Anne, Angela, Carolyn, Jenny
Fluffi, ?
Scarecrow, Carolyn
Carolyn, Trond
?, Cutter, Angela
Chris, Amy
Ashes, ?, Simeon, Amy, Chris, ? (obscured), Glenn, Simeon, Matson, Theuns, Andi
?, ? (obscured), ?, Al? (obscured), ?, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Amy
Speeches: ?, ?, ?, Trond, Carolyn
Paula, Angela, Cutter, Hamish, Todd, Rebecca, ?, Ashes, Simeon, Amy
?, Charlene, ?, Amy
Todd, Rebecca, Amy
Cat, ?, ?
Troy, Tony
Sarah, ? (obscured), JL
Chris, Amy, Mary Anne, Scarecrow, ? (obscured), Simeon, Rebecca, Tinks, Todd, Fluffi
Seth, Todd, ? (obscured)
?, Duncan, Al
Rebecca, ?
?, Mary Anne, Chris, Amy, Tinks, Troy

Terrorist Party, Greers Road, 21 June 2003

Kirk?, Nick, Becky, ?, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Ashes, Fridge
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Brian?, Paula, Hamish, Tony (obscured), ?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Scarecrow, Hamish, Trond
Photo courtesy of Marsden
?, Paula, Hamish, Scarecrow, Simeon
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Jenny, Amy, Zane
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Leon, Liz, Theuns, ?, ?, JL, Brian, Lance, ? (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Sky, ?, Rochelle, Josh
Photo courtesy of Marsden

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