June 17: SCA ball and party at the Bordello

SCA Ball, WEA Centre, June 17, 2000

Gamers: ?, Ulf, Jarnulf, Ayeshah
Dancers: Alys, Emma, Alexander, Vincent, Phoebe and Catherine
Wherligig?: Ulf, Alexander, Del, Alys? (obscured), Emma, Phoebe
Ayeshah and Beatrice
Supper: Jarnulf, Ayeshah, Michael, Ceina, Ulf, Alys (foreground), Bastian, Beatrice, Angharad (obscured), Leslie? (obscured)
Knot bransle: Del, Stephen, Duncan, Iarnulf, Emma, Niamh? (background), Bastian, Rebecca? (obscured), Alexander, Michael, Vincent, Vanessa (obscured), Phoebe, Ceina, Catherine, Beatrice, Alys, Ulf (obscured)

Party at the Bordello, June 17, 2000

Outdoor living: Euan, Claire, JL. Background: Cat, Zane, Robyn, Schmoo
More outdoors: Duncan, Theresa, ?, Charlotte, Cat, Karl, ?, Charlene, Mia (seated), Rachel, Matthew, ?
In the kitchen at parties: Zane, Carla, Colleen, Lerc, Olli
Charlotte without wisdom teeth...
Cheerful Belle
Redheads! Kara and Karen
Duncan, Pip, Dan
Newcomer: Emily
Masochism Tango? Caleb and Theresa
Dodgy? Us? Naah: Gold, Hooch, Theresa
Speech from the balcony: ? (obscured), Sarah, Fran, Brent
Kirk and Cutter
Nice thigh... ?, Keenie, ?
Keith, Karen, Fridge, CJ
Nice collar... Karl
Drunk single chicks: Cat and Robyn
Aerial photography
Pauline and Meredith

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