February 1-6: SCA Canterbury Fair -- Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

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Canterbury Fair is New Zealand's largest annual SCA event, running for about five days, usually over the weekend nearest Waitangi Day.

Photos by other people are credited to the camera owners (or the people who brought the cameras to me, at any rate).

There are doubtless manifold errors and omissions among the names herein -- my apologies in advance; feel free to contact me and set me right where this has occurred! Do bear in mind that there may be multiple people bearing the same name.

Thursday February 1, 2007, Waipara Riverside Park

Set up, Night of Champions

Your friendly (and broken) steward, Lewellyn
Small tents go up...
...and big ones.
Photo courtesy of Marit
Marking Mong cups: Tetsu, Ginevra, Sibylla (obscured)
Yolande, Alex, Michelet (obscured)
Signing in: Calach (obscured), Maximilian, Alex, Ædward, Stefan, Vigo, ? (obscured)
Jacques, Frida
Calach, Stefan, Taztorian
Foreground: Iseabail, Somerled? (obscured), Reynardine, Hróðdny, Rugen, Egan
Background: William, Yngvildr, ? (obscured), Mathilda, Emilio, James
Somerled, Bernard
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Sibylla, Daniel
Background: Bernard, Kotek
Tetsu (obscured), Douglas
Baxton, Edward
Rugen? (obscured), Yngvildr, Edward? (obscured)
?, Constance, Merewyn
Egan, Reynardine, ? (obscured)
Alayna, Katherine, Helene
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Waiting for the Night of Champions.
Standing: Grace, Bartholomew
Clockwise from bottom right: Darius (leg), ? (arm), ?, ?, Yad, ?, Bethany, Ynvildr, Alison, Dave?, Edward?, Tim, Leah, William, ?, Alayna, Katherine, Helene, Iuliana (obscured), Philipe, Yolande (obscured), Adele, Andrew?, ?, Edily, Guenivere, Anton, ? (obscured), Katherine (obscured), ? (obscured)
Background: Somerled?, Egan, Stephen, Oswyn, ?, ?, ?
Emilio (obscured), Ginevra, Fen
Photo courtesy of Hróðny
Castle sculpting: Luke, ?, Frodi, Sventa, Christopher (obscured)
Edily, Sam, Andrew, Guenivere, Edward (obscured), Cicilia, Sequoia, Yolande, Katherine, Anton
Stefano's portable chess set: Inigo, Tristan, Angele
The Mong at night: Egan, ? (obscured), Iseabail, Anton? (obscured), ? (very obscured), William?, Isabelle, ? (obscured), Stefan?, Hrothgar, Peregrine, Emayn? (obscured), ?, Llewellyn, Kotek, Leofgar, Maximillian?
Christopher (foreground), Bartholomew, Tim, Calach, Luke
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr

Friday February 2

Archery, rapier melee, opening court, fighter auction

? (obscured), Alfar
Photo courtesy of Marit
Blayney, Andrew (obscured), Gudrun
Photo courtesy of Marit
Background: William, ?
Clout shooting: Calach, Luan, Rowena, Edward, Tristan, Tetsu, Richard, Christopher, Andrew, Douglas, Kotek
Stepping off-site for a class: Sonya, Yseult, Sam?, Yngvildr, Isabelle (very obscured), Angele (obscured), Ceina, Blayney (obscured), ?, Aliena (very obscured), Marit, Iseabail, Arija (obscured), Alex, Emlyn
Peregrine, unidentified rabbit, Emayn the bunny-butchering babe
Clockwise round the table: ? (obscured), Peregrine, Emlyn, ? (obscured), Ceina (obscured), Christopher, Helene?
At right: Aliena
Maree, Ginevra
Martuccio, Emilio, William
Background: Baxton?, Inigo, Egan
Tavern melee: Martuccio, William, Oswyn, Ginevra, Emilio, Rugen
Stefan., ? (very obscured), Vigo, Bjorn, Clare?, Kilian? (obscured), Eleanora, Douglas (obscured), Yad, Llewellyn, ? (obscured), Richard, Alvaro, Maximillian (seated), ? (obscured), Guenivere (very obscured), Tim (obscured), Philippe, Inigo
Yad, Andrew
Tim, Guenivere
Background: Rueben, Bjorn
Rueben, Clare?, Isabetta, Miles (fingers)
Sigurd, Reynardine
Photo courtesy of Miles
Christopher with bunny bits
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Far left: Nicola, Yad, Douglas, Jacques, Finnr
Left table, clockwise from left: Angele, ?, Christopher, Clare?, Andrew, Luke, James, Sam, Tim, Leah (very obscured), Alison, Sequoia? (obscured), Peter, Maximillian, Hrothgar, Blayney?, Somerled, Rugen, Hróðny, Sanchia? (obscured)
Right table: Luan, Iseabail, Cicilia, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Reuben, Isabetta, Emilio, Fen, Turloc, ?, Stephen, Philipe? (very obscured), Del, Yolande, Iuliana?, Drogo
Kathi, Taylah
Yseult, Ulrich
Boopie, Stefan, Sakura, Mathilda
Veronica, Emilio, ? (background)
Iuliana, Elise, Lyn, Francis, Emma, Scott
Cicilia, Nikki, Pippin, Jacques, Leah, Alex
Holly, Gudrun, Eydis, Alayna, Bethany, Sonya, Dave, Aliena, Yngvildr, Emayn, Christopher, Edily, Eleanora, Marienna
Isabelle, Bernard, Sventa
Inigo, Luan, Ædward
Isabel, Christian
Background: Marit, Hróðny, Egan, Rugen, Maree, Hrothgar (obscured), Alex
Work on the forge has begun: Angele, Iarnulfr, Stephen, Ædward, Bastian?
Opening court about to open: James, Yngvildr, Bartholomew, Iuliana, Katherine, Ceina, Alfar, Egan, Somerled, Gudrun, Inigo, Helene, Cicilia
Amalie, Andrew, Bethany, Leofgar, Andrew
Talhofer practice: Tim, James, Isabetta, Tycho, Sigurd, Christian, Andrew, Emlyn, Egan, Ædward, Andrew (obscured), Leofgar, Peregrine
Hróðny, Reuben?, Del, ?, Danny, Sanchia, Stefano
Sibylla, Mathilda
Dinner setting for the upper crust
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
John, Christopher, Rosetta, ?, ?, Dickon, Pippin
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Shoes in progress
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Fighter auction lots: John, Sventa, Angus, William, Artemisia, Blayney, Sigurd, Richard, Philippe, Bartholomew, Marit, Bernard
Background: Bartholomew
Marit? (obscured), Richard, Philippe
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Helene, Emlyn
Background: Dauid?, Iseabail, ?, Agnes
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Selling the king: John, ?, Angele?, Sventa, Angus (obscured), Constance, William, ?, Bartholomew, ?, William (obscured), Ulrich (obscured), ? (obscured), Artemisia, Yseult, Edward, Bernard, Philipe, Alfar, Yolande, ?, Alex? (obscured), ?, ? (foreground), Marit, Richard, ?, Andrew?, Philippe, Yngvildr, Arija, Egan, Blayney, Rowena, Edward, Pippin?, ?, Baxton, Helene, ?, Emlyn, Steve, ? (foreground), ?
Photo courtesy of Frodi
Bernard, Sventa, Marit
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Vitale, a giant of a man
Recruiters on the prowl: Alex, William, Stefano, Vitale
Fassscinating... Leofgar, James
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr

Saturday February 3

Unawarded and unbelted tournies, royal court, fighter auction Tournament of Noble Wounds, wedding, feast

Amethyst, Cateline
Harvesting the local produce: Iseabail
? (obscured), ?, Taztorian
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Grace, Holly, Nicola, Drogo, Eydis
Maximillian, Iuliana, Kotek
Baclground: John, Marit, Maree
John, Steve
The Kotek after the night before
Somerled, William
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Stefan, Bartholomew, ? (very obscured), Bernard, Angus
Photo courtesy of Miles
?, ?
Ronan, Frodi, Peregrine
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Somerled, Martuccio
Photo courtesy of Hróðny
Photo courtesy of Melisand
Bethany, Michelet
William, Bartholomew, Philippe
Photo courtesy of Miles
Roheisa, Kotek, Martuccio, Andrew, Luan, Somerled, William
Callum, Rugen, Deoradhan, Baxton, Constance, John, Frodi
Raife, Anton, Eleanora (obscured)
?, Fen (obscured), Artemisia, Ulf (obscured), Bernard, Lyn, Scott
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Terese, Gavin
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Turloc, Evan, Margaret, ?John?, Ulfric
Sanchia, Ceina (obscured)
?, ?
Background: Anton, Katherine
Kneeling: Tristan, ?, Cicilia
Court: Bastian, Martuccio, Bartholomew, ? (obscured), Katherine, Yngvildr, Alfar, Marit, Iuliana, Oswyn, Gudrun, Egan, Somerled, Inigo, Peregrine
Far side of the aisle: Geoffrey, Arabella, ?, Sigurd, Angus, Eleanora, Elizabetta, Philippe, Mine (obscured), Richard, Bernard, Vitale, Raife, Miles, Melisand, Edily?, Richard, Finn, Etienne? (obscured), Alayna, ?, Dickon, Deoradhan, ?John?, ?, Philipe, ?, Ulfric, ?, Jacques, Yseult, Stefano? (obscured), Sanchia, Ulf
Near side: Amethyst, Cateline, ? (obscured), Isabelle, William, Tycho, Isabel, Drogo, Christian, Yolande, Luann (foreground), William, Cynethryth, ? (very obscured), Llewellyn (very obscured), Tristan, Grace (foreground), Celeste, Terese, Merewyn, Gavin? (obscured), Sinech, Christopher, Emayn, ? (obscured), Constance (obscured), Helene (obscured)
Delivering tribute: Iuliana, Egan, Ceina, Somerled, Peregrine?, Oswyn, ?Katherine? (obscured), Gudrun (very obscured), Alfar, Hróðny, Hrothgar, Rugen, Bartholomew, Reynardine, Edward, Katherine, ?Eydis? (obscured), Artemisia, Blayney
Photo courtesy of Gudrun
Finnr's recitation: ? (obscured), Yngvildr, Alfar, Iuliana (obscured), Finnr, Oswyn, Gudrun, Egan
Swearing fealty: Isabel? (obscured), Cateline, Celeste, Scott, Sigurd, Stefano (obscured), ? (obscured), William, Helene?, Drogo, Eleanora (obscured), Emlyn?, ?, Christopher, Blayney (foreground), Grace (obscured), Alys?, Llewellyn (obscured), Hrothgar, Artemesia, Bartholomew, Bastian, Katherine, Martuccio, Marit, Roheisa, James (obscured), Alfar, Yngvildr, Cicilia, Gudrun, Reynardine (obscured), Oswyn, Somerled
Ginevra (obscured), Mine, Scott, Lyn?, ?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Katherine, Marienna (arm)
? (obscured), ? (obscured), Amethyst, Grace, Finn, Kasiian
Deoradhan's knives
Foreground: William, Merlin, ?, Angele, Ulf
Background: market crowd
Iarnulf (obscured), ? (obscured), Cicilia, ?, Christopher, ?, ?Frida?
Isabelle, Christopher?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured) Sigurd, ?, Blayney?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Iseabail, Edily? (obscured), ? (obscured), Sam, ? (obscured), Ginevra, Celeste, Alayna, ?, Isabel (hat), Aelfric, Christian (obscured), ? (obscured), Arabella?, Katherine, Ulfric, Geoffrey? (obscured), ? (foreground), Sequoia, Bastian
Photo courtesy of Frodi
Helene, Ronan
Mmm, pie...
?John?, vs Somerled
Background: Hróðny, Gudrun, Hrothgar, Rugen, Tristan (obscured), Reuben (obscured), Luan
Photo courtesy of Miles
Alex, Arija
Alvarro, ?
William, Ulfric? (very obscured), ?John?
Background: ?, Hrothgar, Rugen
Peregrine's field arrows
Background: Sinech, ?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Illuminated page
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Turloc, Fen, ?, ?
Emayn's wool dyed with elder leaves
Photo courtesy of Marit
Callum, ?, Etienne, ? (obscured), Kasiian
Background: Tristan
Bartholomew (obscured), ?, ?, Emayn, ?, ?, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Foreground: Yad?, Angele?, Hróðny, Rugen
Fighters: Kasiian, Vitale, Stefano, ? (very obscured), Callum, Bartholomew, Richard?, John? (obscured), Inigo, Tycho, Sigurd, Reynardine, Artemisia (very obscured), Blayney?, Philippe (obscured), William, Sventa (obscured), Bernard, Baxton? (obscured)
Background: ?, Frida, ?John?, Richard, Emilio?, ?, ?, Edward, Llewellyn, ?, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Fighters: Bernard, Egan, Sventa, Etienne, Callum, Blayney (obscured), Philippe, Baxton? (obscured), Kasiian, Vitale, William, ? (obscured), Sigurd, Alfar, Reynardine (obscured), Artemisia (obscured)
Background: ?, Scott, ?, Yngvildr, Angele, Steve? (obscured), Raife, Tristan, Constance, ? (obscured)
Fighters: Inigo, Alfar, Artemisia
Background: Guenhyffwar, Katherine, Philipe, Yolande, Bartholomew, Iuliana, Bethany, Cynethryth, Drogo, Oswyn, Maximillian, Finnr, Kotek, James? (obscured)
? (obscured), Blayney
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Foreground: Luan, Reynardine, Tycho
Background: James, ? (obscured), ?, Etienne, Sinech, Jacques, Maree, Richard, Frida, Isabelle
Background: Rowena, Sam, Tim, ?
Bjorn, Holly
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
?, ?, Jacob, Taylah, ?, Morgana, ?, Nikki, Vigo, Grace
Ædward, Yolande, ? (obscured)
Background: Asbjorn, ?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Here cometh the bride: ?, Clare, ?, Marienna, Maddie, Maria
Clare, Christopher
?, ? (obscured), ?, ?, ?
?, ? (obscured), Marienna, Maddie, ?, Clare, Asbjorn, Christopher, Maria, ?
Ceina makes urchins
Vitale vs Alfar
Background: Isabetta, Iuliana, Katherine, Hróðny (obscured), Gudrun, Finnr (obscured), Haz, Tristan, Maximillian, Oswyn, Peter, Kotek, James, ?
Nicole?, Christine
Stefano vs Kasiian
Background: Edward (obscured), Helene?, Cynethryth, ? (obscured), ?, Celeste?, Asbjorn (obscured), Iuliana, ?, Tycho, ? (obscured), Haz, Drogo, Oswyn, Peter, Kotek, James
Tycho talks to his buyers, Sam and Tim
Mid-ground: Ulrich, Yseult, Tetsu, ? (obscured), ?, ?, Asbjorn, Christopher (obscured), ?, Clare, Celeste, Hrothgar, Andrew, Darius, Rowena
Far background: Jacob, Beatrice? (obscured), Iarnulf, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Alfar vs Ethan
Spectators: Merewyn, Vitale, Cicilia, ?, ? (obscured), Melisand, Pippin, Katherine, Sinech?, Frodi?, Cynethryth, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Miles
The final: Alfar vs Philippe
Background: Sventa, Vitale, Inigo, ? (very obscured), ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Miles
Feast hall
High table: Llewellyn, Bartholomew, Katherine, Philippe, Gudrun, Alfar, Egan, Inigo, Cicilia
Lesser folk: James? (obscured), ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Merlin, ? (obscured), ?, Bjorn, Melissand?, Stefano, Hróðny, Tycho, Sanchia, Emma, Dave, Hrothgar, ?, ?, ?, Reynardine, ?, Yseult, Leofgar
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Front table: Merlin, Melisand, ?, Isabelle, Aliena, William, Iarnulfr
Next right: Bjorn, Yad, James, Nicola
Middle-left: ? (obscured), Hróðny, Reynardine, Hrothgar
Next: ?, Christian?, Tycho, ? (obscured), Drogo, Grace?, Stefano, Sanchia
Next: Ulrich, Yseult, Dave, Kasiian, Leofgar, Emma
Next two: Tetsu, Frida? (obscured), Jacques, Kotek, ?, ?
Background tables: Angus, Miles, Elizabetta, Nicole?, Vitale, Isabel, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Marit, Blayney, Merewyn, Arija, ?, Frodi, Daniel?
Bransling: Emma, Tristan? (obscured), Katherine
Background: ? (obscured), Merlin?, ? (obscured), Bjorn
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Selecting fighter auction prizes: Alfar, Pippin, Grace
Silly games in the Mong: Peter, Alvaro?, ? (obscured), Angele, Roheisa, ?, ? (obscured), Del, ? (obscured)
Rowena, Dave, Sequoia, Peter
Cardinal Turloc
Katherine, Iarnulfr (obscured), Bartholomew, Llewellyn, Merlin, ?Cicilia?, Iuliana
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
? (obscured), Killian, Del, Gudrun, ? (hair), Llewellyn, ? (obscured)

Sunday February 4

War fighting, Baroness's rapier tourney, Half-Circle Theatre, quest, Amberhearth party

Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
?, Sigurd (obscured), Inigo, Vitale, Philippe, William, Angus, Bartholomew, Ædward, Tycho
Archers to the front: Angele, Alex, Hrothgar, Luan, Kotek, Ulf, Bernard, Stefano (shield), ?, Leif (obscured), Asbjorn, Katherine (obscured), Somerled, Reynardine (very obscured)
Flying looters: Brian, ?, ?, Ethan, Amethyst, Rosetta, Philipe, Dickon
Ulf?, Dickon, Frodi, Inigo, John (foreground), Kasiian (shield), Ethan, ?, Bernard, Somerled, Egan, Rosetta, Luan, Asbjorn, ?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Kasiian, Alex, Bartholomew, Alfar, Reynardine, Hrothgar (obscured), Katherine, Somerled, Asbjorn, Miles, Artemisia, Luan, Blayney, Ulf
Incoming messenger: ?, Rotte (obscured), Tycho, Peregrine, William, Tristan
Alfar, Somerled, Sventa?, Bernard, Angus, Vitale, Callum, Hrothgar, Tycho (obscured)
Tristan (obscured), John? (obscured), Vitale
Dieter, Callum
Background: ?
Baxton, ?, William, Constance?
Calach? (obscured), Roz, Rowena, James, Michael (background), Ulrich, Cynethryth, Finnr (background), ? (background), Yseult, Yngvildr (foreground), Taztorian, Isabetta, Einar, Grace, Maree, Sonya, Douglas, Roheisa, Emayn, Alayna, Finn, Kasiian
Frodi, Alex, Stefano (very obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
? (obscured), Leif, Alfar, Frodi, Callum?, John, ?, ? (obscured), Tycho
Photo courtesy of Miles
Iseabail, Mathilda, Isabelle
Emilio, Hróðny, Rugen, Deoradhan
Inigo, Angus, Vitale, Tycho, Stefano, Egan (obscured), Leif
Egan, Dieter (obscured), Inigo, Ulf, Angus, Leif, Miles
Photo courtesy of Miles
Squiring: Callum (obscured), Angus, Vitale, Dieter (obscured)
?, John,Tycho, Christian, Arabella, Ethelind, Richard
Photo courtesy of Hróðny
Bridge battle: ? (obscured), Rotte, Sventa, Callum, Richard, Blayney, ? (very obscured), ?, Stefano, Leif, Asbjorn (obscured), Tycho (obscured), Alfar (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Miles
?, Kotek, Katherine, Ædward, Rotte, Bartholomew, Callum, Sventa, John, Peregrine, Sigurd, Philippe, Vitale, Egan, Inigo (leg), Angus, Richard, Ulf, Blayney, Bernard, Reynardine, Alfar, Artemisia, Tycho, Asbjorn, Leif, Somerled (obscured), Miles (obscured), Alex, Kasiian, William, Hrothgar, ? (very obscured), Angele
Peregrine (obscured), Bartholomew, Miles (obscured), Pippin, Alfar, Callum, Philippe, ?, Frodi, Artemisia, Sventa, Asbjorn (obscured), Reuben?, Leif, Reynardine, Miles, Rotte (obscured), Inigo
Leif, Reynardine (obscured), Bernard, Asbjorn, Stefano, Blayney, Alfar, Egan (obscured), Luan, Vitale (obscured), Tycho, Philippe, Miles (obscured)
Background: Francis?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Playing with Dieter's helm: Edmund?, Leah
Background: Einar, Edily?, Yngvildr, ?, ?
Jacques, Frida, Natasha, Bernard?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Francis, Iuliana, Ulrich, Lyn, Emma?, Scott, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Baroness's rapier tourney entrants: Iseabail, Rugen, Martuccio, Cicilia, Luan, Oswyn, Emilio, Somerled, ? (very obscured)
Katherine, Anton, ?, Iuliana (obscured), ?, Ginevra, Hróðny, Dickon, ?, Reynardine, Roheisa, Adele, Sam, Finnr, Gavin, Terese, Sibylla, Mine, Yolande, Agnes, Mathilda, Ulrich, Veronica (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Dance practice: Natasha, Iuliana, Francis, Del, Scott (very obscured), ?, Emma? (obscured), Grace
Isabetta?, Rugen, Somerled, Iseabail
Photo courtesy of Miles
Oswyn, Iseabail, Somerled
Background: too dark to see
Apprenticing: Sigurd, Deoradhan
Photo courtesy of Alvaro
Dave, Andrew, Calach, ?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Ulf, Roz, Tetsu, Ædward, Emilio, Veronica, Bernard, ?
Iarnulfr, Scott, Magnus
Background: Veronica, Bernard, William, ?
Iarnulfr, Bastian
Auctioning the heralds
Road and beyond: Callum, Drogo, Philippe, Tycho?, ?, Vitale, ? ?, Katherine, Stefano, Tristan, Luan, Finnr, Oswyn
Gate: Bartholomew, Hróðny, Roheisa
The rest: left as an exercise for the reader...
The play: Natasha, Tycho, Oswyn, Richard, Bartholomew, Angus
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Singers: Emayn, Natasha, Yolande, Melisand, Roheisa, Amalie, Merlin (obscured), Katherine, Bartholomew, Alvarro, Scott
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Ædward, Raife (the rudely intact wolf Bisclavret)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
The quest: Miles, Grace, ?, Amethyst
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Philipe, Ulrich, Yolande, Yseult
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Amberhearth party: Kotek empties the piñata
Background: ?, James?, Roheisa?, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
? (hand), Gudrun, Grace, Fen, Philippe (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Philippe, Leah, Alison, James, Peter, Tim, Sequoia (obscured), Guenivere (obscured)

Monday February 5

Rapier grand melee, archery, court of love, Gods and Monsters Pas des Dieux, boffer tourney, ball

Early-morning bread-seller: Rosetta
Einar, Sonya
Tentaur: Leah, Tim, Guenivere, Alison
Class: ?, Vitale, Sventa (obscured), Miles, Artemisia?, Richard?, Blayney, ?, Philippe, William
Kotek (obscured), Hrothgar, Finnr, Callum, Turloc, ?, Lukas, Merlin, Alayna, ? (leg)
Angele, Edily, Dauid, James, Hróðny? (obscured), Bartholomew
Lukas, Alayna (obscured), Edily, Olaf
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
James, Dauid, Callum
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Nicola, Luke, Yseult, Einar, Arija (obscured), Amalie, Ulrich, Andrew, Eydis (obscured), Darius (very obscured)
Background: Arija
Cateline, Anton
Background: Anton, Cateline, ?
Alfar (obscured), Rugen, Gudrun, Oswyn, Isabel (obscured), Emilio, Grace, Isabelle, Mathilda, William, Ginevra, Sibylla
Photo courtesy of Alvaro
Martuccio and his students: Emilio, Sibylla, Ginevra, Martuccio, Oswyn
Photo courtesy of Hróðny
? (obscured), Isabel, Oswyn
Photo courtesy of Alvaro
More apprenticing: Constance, Emayn, Peregrine, Llewellyn
Those facing the court: Philippe, Peregrine, Baxton, Blayney, James, Tristan, Drogo, Turloc, Llewellyn
Judiciary: Cynethryth, ?, Amethyst, Bethany
Francis, Melisand, Merewyn, Raife, Leah, Constance, Reuben, Angele, Ulrich, Andrew, Cicilia, Andrew, ?, Frida, Bethany, Mine, Amethyst, Fen, Christopher, ?, Clare, ?, Marit, Alayna, ?, ?, Yolande, Dickon, Iuliana, Dave
And whose handprint is that?! Peregrine (obscured), Philippe, James, Turloc, Katherine (obscured and amused)
Yolande, Katherine, Iuliana, Pippin (obscured), Blayney, Dave (obscured), Emayn (very obscured)
Taztorian, Celeste, Vigo
Photo courtesy of Gudrun
? (obscured), William, Ulf
Photo courtesy of Gudrun
Photo courtesy of Hróðny
Amalie, Yngvildr, James, Andrew
Background: Ulf
Photo courtesy of Gudrun
Asbjorn, Tycho, Vitale
Photo courtesy of Hróðny
Stefano (obscured), Eleanora, Sigurd
Background: ?, ?, Michelet, Emayn (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Gudrun
Mortals: Richard, ? (obscured), Somerled, Bernard, Alfar, Bartholomew, Stefano, Reynardine, Ulf (obscured), Drogo, Blayney
Gods and monsters: Inigo (Apollo), Angus (Cyclops), Ædward, Sigurd (ghost), Callum (Buddha), John (Loki), Tycho (Thor), Asbjorn (Odin), Vitale (Zeus)
Tycho (obscured), Asbjorn, Vitale, ?, Oswyn, Stefano
Light! Ulf, Tycho, Inigo
Frodi, Oswyn, Tycho, Richard, Stefano, Blayney, Bartholomew, Somerled
Meanwhile, back at Vulcan's forge... Bastian, Luke, Iarnulfr
Iarnulf, Michelet, Sam, Hrothgar, Tim (obscured), Yngvildr, William, Aliena, Leofgar
Photo courtesy of Gudrun
?, ?, ?, Isabetta
Far half: ?, Isabelle?, ?Alys? (obscured), Hróðny, Gudrun, Alfar, Egan, Katherine, ?, Olaf, ? (obscured), Christian, Cateline
Near half: Dickon, Gavin, Cynethryth (obscured), Adele, Hugh, Terese, Sibylla, Emayn, Peregrine, Kotek, Maree, Mine, Yngvildr, Mathilda, Yad, Agnes, Christopher, William (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Clare
Another god bites the dust: Frodi, Alfar, Vitale, Tycho, Blayney, ? (feet)
Bartholomew, ? (obscured), Melissand, Frida (obscured), Katherine, Maree (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Gudrun
Testing the new weaponry: Andrew, Bastian, Peregrine
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Bastian and his spear
Bernard, William, Ethan, Asbjorn
Photo courtesy of Gudrun
Ulrich, Ædward, Peregrine? (obscured), Leofgar, Yngvildr, Egan, ?, Andrew
?, Asbjorn, ?
Asbjorn, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Marienna, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Photo courtesy of Clare
Photo courtesy of Alvaro
Bastian, Luke
Alex the Bruised!
Marit?, Mine, William, Merlin
Knight-back jousting: Frodi (obscured), Philippe, ? (obscured), Bernard (obscured), Pippin, Dickon, Blayney, Vitale
Photo courtesy of Gudrun
William the shoemaker
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Fire! ? (obscured), Olaf, Steve, John, Deoradhan
?, Dauid, Alys, Emma, Del, Edward, Ulf, Tristan
Photo courtesy of Del
Francis, Ulrich, Iuliana, ?, ?, Scott, Emma
Emayn? (obscured), Rowena, Scott, Emma, David?, ? (obscured), Tristan, Natasha, Stephen, Del, Yolande, Frida, Philipe, Alys, ? (obscured), ? (obscured)
Next year they're just going to shoot each other with crossbows: Peter, James, Tim, Leah, Sequoia, ? (obscured)
Photo courtesy of Yngvildr
Eydis, Mine, ?
Background: Llewellyn?, Raie, Melisand
Photo courtesy of Del
At the refreshment station: Sonya (obscured), Einar (very obscured), Jacques, Cicilia?
Background: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Andrew, Dave
?, ?, ?, ?
Foreground: Dave, Isabetta, Rowena, Reuben, Melisand, Leofgar, Raife, Yngvildr
Background: ?, ?, Sventa, ?, ?, Sonya, Einar, ?, ?, ?, Francis, ?, Scott
Martuccio, Turloc
Photo courtesy of Hróðny
Kicking the tassel: Clare, Christopher, Alys, ?, Del, Tristan, ? (obscured), Andrew, Stefano, Grace, Philippe, Sam, Eydis, James, ? (obscured), Tim, Philipe
Photo courtesy of Del
? (obscured), ?, ?, Del, ?, ?, ? (obscured), ?, Raife, Maximillian, ? (obscured), Dave, Lukas, Alys (obscured), Tristan, ?
Court is announced: Mathilda, Emilio, Melisand, Dickon, Luan?, ?, Agnes, ? (obscured), Ulf, ?, Clare, Christopher, ?, ?, Veronica, ?, Bernard, Lukas, ?, ? (background), Asbjorn, William, Marienna, Blayney, Artemisia? (obscured), Sanchia, Vitale, Stefano, Kotek, Gavin, Alys, Roheisa, ? (very obscured), Maximillian, ?, ?, Tycho, ? (foreground), Katherine, ?, Bethany (obscured), Isabelle, William, ?, ?, Sam, Tim, Andrew, Aelfric, Angele, ? (very obscured)
The new baron: Peregrine (obscured), James (obscured), Gudrun, Iarnulfr, ?
Bernard (obscured), Einar, Yolande, Aliena, Iarnulfr, Emma, Adele
Marienna, ?, Asbjorn, Bernard, Sanchia
Background: ?, Dauid
Back to the dance: Emayn, Francis, ? (obscured), ? (obscured), Peregrine, Iuliana, Dauid, ?, Emma, Lyn?, Scott, ?, ?, ?, Andrew, ?, Dave, ? (obscured), Rowena, Natasha
Bethany, Tristan
Iseabail, Fen, Somerled, Luke, Turloc, Adele

Tuesday February 6

Closing court, pack up and go home until next time

Marit, Iuliana, Aelfric
Output from the forge: froe, steels and spearhead
Luke? (obscured), Bjorn
Camp kitchen
Photo courtesy of Gudrun
Posed shot: Tetsu, Taztorian?
Background: Hugh, Leah, Rowena?, Alison?
Taking down the Mong: Rowena?, Isabetta, Reuben, Aliena, Emilio?, ?
Populace at closing court: ? (obscured), Geoffrey, Arabella?, Scott, Angus, Lyn, ?Maximillian? (obscured), ? (obscured), Emayn, ? (obscured), Veronica, ? (obscured), Eleanora (obscured), Mathilda, Sibylla, ? (obscured), Vincent, Yad (obscured), Vitale, Mine, Kotek (obscured), ? (obscured), Jacques, Bernard (obscured), Maree
Presenting the archery prize: Ceina (obscured), Dauid, Bartholomew, Yngvildr, Katherine, Iuliana, Darius, Somerled, Alfar, Peregine, Gudrun, Inigo, Cicilia
And thus it winds down for another year: Christopher (obscured), Bartholomew, Yngvildr, Katherine, Somerled, Peregrine, Alfar, Gudrun, Inigo, Cicilia

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