Historic: Dr Who party, 1998; final Airdmhor party, 1999; Meredith's birthday, February 1999; Grahams Rd party, February 1999; toga party, March 1999

Dr Who Party, 1998, Menolly's house on Curletts Road

These photos are courtesy of Menolly

Sarnia, Anthony, Julie, Seth? (obscured), Teri, Ross, Robert
Jess, Simeon, Nick Smeaton, me
MaryAnn, Robyn, Zane
Julie and Colin
Mouse and Colin
Assorted people: Tony, Robert, Meredith, ?, ?, Euan?, ?, Robyn, ?

Last Days of Airdmhor, 19-20? February 1999

As Airdmhor vanishes, Diana returns: Diana and Sharon
Danny and Claire
Looking down the grand staircase
Snooker table: LX, Euan?, ?Dennis?, John
Big cichlid tank
Airdmhor looms behind the trees
Round the back
Entrance light
Emma and ?Carl?
Pallas and Pogo
?, Donna, Beast, Adele Fletcher, Amie
Looking into the kitchen: Jo, Sarah, ?Gold?, Neil/Lerc, Carl, ?Shaun?, Helen. Dillon (background), Robyn, ?John Seaton (foreground)
View from stairs down hall to entrance
Dining room: ?Bastian?, ?, Gold (head only), Jo (foreground), Suzanne, ?Erebus? (obscured), Robyn, Claire, ?, Daniel, ?, Joe
Dan and Picasso
Amy and Simon
Schmoo and Gold
Hamster and Chipmunk. Cutter and Del in background
Leg wrestling: Oliver and Aaron
Blue Meanie
Mattson, Neil/Lerc, Matt, ?Sarnia?
Living room: Matt, Simon, Blue Meanie, Erebus, Euan (reclining), Danny, Mouse, John?
Mrs Teacake (Debra)

Meredith's birthday, Foo San, 20? February 1999

Guests: Tina, Daniel, Glen?, Dennis (seated), Donna, Meredith, Belle, Tony, Beast, ?

27 February 1999, Grahams Road

Waiting for the party to start: Teri?, Lubie?, Fluffy, Cara
Preparing the stereo: Mike, Karen, John
Mouse? and Cath
Three monkeys: Seth, Gold, Evan
Dancers in the lounge: Trond?, ?, ?, ?, Jevon?, Claire, ?, ?

Toga Party, Puriri St beta, March 1999

Outside: Beast, Sebastian, Rebecca, Robert?, ?Jenny?, ?, ?, ?, Royce?, ?
Senator Wignall
Crowded room: ?, ?, ?, Cody, Becs?, Joe, Dave, Duncan, ?, Erebus? Trond, Belle, Beast?, ?, Morbid, Diana, ?
Crowded driveway
Another crowd shot
Erebus and Caitlin

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