August 23, 2002: 48-hour Party -- Friday: dictator hunt, party, (Saturday, Sunday)

Dictator Hunt, University of Canterbury

Sas prepares for a massacre
Photo courtesy of Nicole
A cautious Tony
Photo courtesy of Nicole
Claire, ?, Del, Jonty, Nick, Sas
Photo courtesy of Nicole
Off to war: Diana, Katherine, Carolyn
Photo courtesy of Nicole
War correspondent: Karen
Photo courtesy of Wayne
Photo courtesy of Nicole
Nick?, Rebecca, Diana, Katherine
Photo courtesy of Nicole
Concealed agent: Hamish?
Photo courtesy of Nicole
Dan and Hamish
Photo courtesy of Nicole
Photo courtesy of Nicole
Photo courtesy of Nicole
Andre, Nicola, Rebecca, Charlene
Background: ?, ?, Del, ?
Photo courtesy of Nicole
Photo courtesy of Nicole

Party, the White Palace

Charlene, Duncan, ? (obscured), Nigel
Mary Anne, Simeon
Nick, Colin, ? (obscured), Tinks
? and ?
Paula and Julie
?, John, ?
Becoming illuminated: Mary Anne, James, Charlene, Tinks, Nick, Paula, Dan
Daniel, Jonty
Miche and Amie
Angela, ?, Amy, Carolyn, ?, ?
Daniel and Robert
Michael and Wayne
? (obscured), Emma, Chris
Miche and Krispy
MaryBeth, Darcy, Anne-Marie
Rebecca and Meredith
Background: ?, Amie, ?
Nicole and ?
? (obscured), Matthew (obscured), Andrew, Rebecca, Angie, John, James, Julie
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Josh, Crystal
Kat, ? (obscured), Fiona, Nigel, Colin, ?
? (obscured), Tinks (obscured), Carolyn, ?, James?
Photo courtesy of Marsden
? (obscured), John, Matthew (obscured), Pauline
They're at it again! Al, Crystal, Duncan
Photo courtesy of Alan
Tria, Tinks, ?, ?, ?, Chris
Darcy?, Becky, ?
Scarecrow, Adam, Dennis
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Nicola, Stefan, Alan
Daniel (elbow), Richard, ?Pauline?, ?, Karla?
Fridge helps Squid to stay in frame...
Background: ?Emlyn?, Michael, Bernard?, Shekinah? (obscured), Anne-Marie, Charlene
Nicola, ?, Michael, ?, Neil, ?Nick? (obscured)
James, Lesley, ? (foreground), Nick, ?Rebecca?
?, ?, Diana, Starz (obscured)
Sakura, ?, Erebus, ?, ?, ?, Kat, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Karla?, Fridge? Puppy, ?, ?, Miche, Nick
?, Tria, ?, ?
?, Gynn
Simeon and Shekinah
Alan and Traci
?, ?, Kat, Seth, ?
Hooch, Zane, Cat (obscured), Andrew
Seth, Brian, Cat, ?Hooch?
Background: ?, ?, Morbid
Ricki and Sakura
?, Puppy, Seth, ?, Shekinah, LX, Nicole (and an unidentifiable mob in the background)
Cutter and Dust
?, Michael, Darcy
Keeping abreast of the times: Mary Anne, Sarah, Charlene, Del (front), Starz, Diane (front), Keenie, Tinks
Sonja, Cutter, Squid
Background: (left) ?, ?, Storm, Carolyn, ?, (right) ?, ?, ?, ?
Walking wounded: Diana, ?, Starz
?, ?, Jenni, ?, ?, Ben
Photo courtesy of Alan
Morbid, Naomi, Jarrod
Stefan, ?, Dennis
Erin, Jenny, Blair, ?
Cody, Chris (obscured)
Lisa and Fiona
What are they doing to her? ?, Starz, Lubie
Philip and Ashes
Kat and Simeon
Photo courtesy of Marsden
?Scarecrow?, Cutter, Kat, Trond (background), Rebecca, Simeon, Nigel (obscured), Storm (foreground), Sophie, Tinks, ?
Storm and Trond
Background: Sonja
Josh and Andre
Photo courtesy of Marsden
Glenn and Kat
Photo courtesy of Marsden

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