August 25, 2002: 48-hour Party -- Sunday: party, (Friday, Saturday)

Party, the While Palace

Paula and Carolyn
Ryan, Miche, Simeon, Jarrod
Diana and Katherine
?, Tinks, Gynn, Carolyn, Del (obscured), Rebecca, Diana, Theuns
Bad Kitty...
Carolyn and Tony
Keely and Michael
James, Kirk, Darcy
Smoked chicken: ? (foreground), Del, Paula, Al
Alcoholic chicken: Tinks, Paula
Zane of the many tents
?, Paula, Kirk
Hacky: Amy, Paula, ?, James, Leon, Duncan, ?
An alarmed Fridge
LX and John
A broken Leon
Watching Red Dwarf: ?Amy?, Al, Tinks, Tony, Trond, Carolyn, James, Paula, Del, Nick?, ?

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